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The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will not join international cooperative efforts to develop and distribute vaccines for The Covid-19 as it does not want to be detained by multilateral groups like the World Health Organization (WHO). The decision to move alone in this direction has come after the White House’s decision to exit the US from the WHO at the beginning of July. Trump has claimed that the WHO needs to be reformed and is very much affected by China. Some nations have worked directly to secure vaccine supplies but others are partnering in efforts to ensure success against the disease.

More than 150 countries in the world are setting up the Covid-19 vaccine global access facility or covax. Under this who-related cooperative effort, nations will be able to get the benefit of a portfolio of potential vaccines so that they will be able to give effective vaccines to their citizens at the earliest. “The US will continue to work with international partners to defeat the virus but cannot be forced by corrupt World Health Organization and multilateral organizations affected by China,” said White House spokesman Jude Deere.

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