EPS-95 Pension holders, under the banner of EPS-95 Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti, voluntarily offered to deposit their one day’s pension into the government treasury to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Commander Ashok Raut, national chairman of the All India EPS-95 Pensioners Rashtriya Sangharsh Samiti, wrote, “Although the pension holders of the EPS-95 are receiving a very nominal pension, only 200 to Rs 2500 monthly, they have still decided to contribute their one day pension to the coronavirus epidemic. Looking at the grave situation the country is going through, the pensioners want to donate.”

Commander Ashok Raut, in his letter, addressed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on the behalf of 65 lakh EPS-95 pensioners. He said that this question is not about the amount but in the spirit of elders.

He appealed that one day’s pension is deducted from the pension they will be receiving this month and sent to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID-19 epidemic. He wrote further that although it is a very small amount the contribution of EPS pension holders should be acknowledged.

A copy of the letter has also been sent to the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Labour Minister, Member of Parliament Hema Malini besides the Prime Minister and members of CBT and CPFC.

The letter further highlights that even as the members of the EPS-95 are struggling to bring issues related to the EPS pension scheme such as a higher pension, minimum pension, medical facilities, missed pensioners under the purview of the EPS-95 scheme, the NAC leaders have taken this decision in the interest of the country.