The COVID- 19 Pandemic has hit countries across the world really hard. This has created a crisis the world has rarely seen. In India also the three week lockdown will be hard for those in the lower sections of the society. Our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has timely ordered the national lockdown and assured the populace that all essential services would remain operational, there is lot of work to be done at the ground level.

It’s in this context that Pramanit Foundation decided to take up the cudgels for the migrant workers and the needy people. Formed seven years ago, its the brainchild of Brijesh Mathur, a noted company secretary turned philanthrophist. As he put it,” I thought that its in this hour of distress that Pramanit should get into its act and started helping out the needy. So we at Pramanit decided to put together a team and channelise our resources to reaching out for the needy citiziens of Delhi,” said Brijesh.

The first step was to identify those families who were in urgent need for help. “With this in mind, we formed a small task force of volunteers who would be instrumental in going around and identifying the most needy. Our first priority was to ensure that food reached these people. We have also tied up with some other agencies in order to smoothly feliciate this process,” Brijesh added.

Another important action taken at the ground level by Pramanit was to ensre that around 1000 families were given free masks, hand sanitisers and soap which are an integral part of proper sanitation. After all the best way to combat Covid 19 is to ensure proper cleaniness and that’s why Pramanit was devoting all its energies in doing this. “By the end of Day Four of the lockdown Pramanit had ensured that proper sanitisation had been rendered to 1000 families. We have also ensured that these affected families have adequate supplies of this which will last for a month,” said Brijesh.

Pramanit Foundation has also reached out to individuals who can contribute for adopting a family for a month. ‘We felt that we would ask the more privelaged to come forward and sponsor a needy family. We have appealed to a host of individuals to come and contribute. We have got a very heartening response and feel that Indians are large hearted and do care for the needy,” said Brijesh.

The bigger challenge is in ensuring that basic food stuff like dals, salt, sugar and onion is available to the affected families. “The biigger challenge lies in this context we have taken some steps to ensure that we help these people with adequte stock of ration. We are confident that we will be able to arrange and provide the needy people soon,” said Brijesh.

When asked which areas did Pramanit concentrate on providing relief, Brijesh named four areas. “These are Karala Khanjawala, Sangam Vihar and Hauz Rani in Delhi. Apart from these areas, we have also helped certain areas in Dehradun. We are going to concentrate on providing this relief more on a pan India basis,” he said.

It is worth mentioning here that Pramanit Foundation has been working in the social segment for the past 7 Years. The Foundation has touched thousands of lives in India in various social community service sectors which include: Health & Education, Human Trafficking, Child Protection, Women Rights and Empowerment. The Foundation does regular Food Distribution and Health Check-up Camps. The Pramanit Foundation runs an E-Learning Centre, Computer Centre, Pramanit Charitable Library, Women’s Skill Development Centre etc. The Foundation has a strong network of Volunteers and organisations for various community service initiatives.