Skylark Group is proud to develop iMAVVaayu on April 5, 2020. iMAVVaayu is an Indian Motorised Affordable Ventilator. It is a reliable emergency ventilator which will give a huge impetus to the fight against Covid 19 pandemic.

This ventilator has been developed by the R&D team of Skylark Group, a complete vertically integrated poultry producer and an innovative poultry equipment company. The design is simple and user friendly. Some key features of this innovation are,

1. Three settable stroke volumes 450. 600, 800 ml

2. Respiratory Rate is precisely settable digitally.

3. Pressure limiter and air filters are in built.

4. One Master controller can drive 4 iMAV machines.

5. Runs Uninterrupted during power failure

6. Large lamp indicator for easy monitoring of machines.

7. All Parts are maintenance free and lubrication free

8. Compact design makes it portable.

9. Easy to operate and install.

“The ventilator is the first prototype that has been produced within 3 days and that too with parts already available in our companies’ factories. We have the capabilities to produce 25000 pieces by ramping up our capacities. This innovation is a small contribution in aiding our healthcare workers during this unprecedented crisis that humanity is facing. We will donate these in government hospitals and if need be will only charge the production cost,” Dr.VikasDhull, Director, Skylark Group and physician said.

“iMAV is the Indian Motorised Affordable Ventilator made especially to fight the Corona Virus pandemic. This will increase the chances of survival during emergencies when hospital staff has excessive load,” Mr. MihirGarware, Director, Garinno Global (Part of Skylark Group) added.