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Digital marketing startup, Voix.Digital, is all set to launch its disruptive marketing solutions that can prove game changers for startups in India. 

According to their founder, Suruchi Khandelwal, startups in India struggle with their digital marketing efforts because of the lack of resources to hire the best talent and the highly expensive services offered by agencies. In fact, in a bid to save money, startup founders make the fatal mistake of hiring agencies that promise quantity and not quality. 

Voix. Digital is all set to launch two marketing products that can solve this exact problem for the startups. These products use automation & AI to help marketers bring their campaign ideas to life in a cost-effective fashion. 

The products include: 

Grafik- a made-in-india graphic design tool through which one can get customized templates in all sizes & formats. 

Adware- an excel-based tool to optimize your programmatic (FB, Google, & others) ad campaigns create using AI based on industry knowledge. 

Startups can take monthly subscription to both the products for less than 13,000 INR/month and optimize their digital marketing campaigns and efforts. 

“I have been working with startups for over 8 years now. The one gap I saw between what a company needs & agencies offer is the use of automation & AI. It is high time that the digital marketing industry has solutions that are made-in-india, made-for-indians. Thus, we have created these products that can definitely prove has game changers in the industry”- says Suruchi. 

Voix Digital also a unique pay-as-you-go services where businesses can avail services without entering into a fixed agreement. 

The products are expected to be launched by May’21. The company has already applied the MVP on its existing clients and has seen considerable success.