The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) presents Craftopia 4: An Online Artsy Summer Camp for Kids. Keeping in mind health and safety concerns, KNMA will be holding its popular art camp online this summer. 

This year the camp will focus on the history of art movements mixing interesting historic tidbits, with DIYs and crafts to go along. The session will delve into Renaissance Art, Impressionist Art, Contemporary Art and much more. Each episode will feature an art project inspired by an artist from that particular movement, it will use elements of the style discussed and guide children to create homemade interpretations.

The summer camp will allow kids to discover fascinating and fun facts about the various art movements, schools of thought, and artists themselves. This will be a continuous 10-day online summer camp with the opportunity to indulge in a vast array of art styles and develop a basic understanding of art history. The series will kick off on June 19, 2021 and run through June 29, 2021. All episodes will be available for viewing on the KNMA website and KNMA social media handles. 



S. No.

Date of Release




19th June

Birth of Venus 3D Art 

Renaissance Movement



20th June

Doll With a Pearl Earring The 

 Baroque Movement


21st June

Mini Raft 

Romanticism Movement



22nd June

Nine Colour Water Lilies 

Impressionism Movement


23rd June

Paint The Scream with Yarn 

 Expressionism Movement


24th June

Flower Girl Paper Weight 

Cubism Movement


25th June

Collage Art & Abstract Paint 

 Dadaism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism Movement


27th June

Paint Denim Like Lichtenstein 

 Pop Art Movement


28th June

Minimalist Wire Art 

Minimalism Art Movement



29th June

Sculpt Like Kallat 

Contemporary Art Movement