Pollution has been a concern for us Indians more so over the past few years with the AQI rising above hazardous. It is well known that outdoor polluted air can cause irreversible damage to the respiratory system. However Indoor air pollution is 100 times more hazardous than the toxic outdoors.

 Indians spend 85% of their time indoors either at home, office or while commuting. Common factors at home and office such as tobacco smoke, synthetic cleaning chemical products, HVAC, heating, and electrical appliances cause pollutants that degrade the quality of the air indoors. Dust mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and molds, starting from the kitchen to the bathroom, can cause long-term health ramifications.  

 The Pandemic has declared indoor spaces to be unhygienic and breeder of the virus. Sharing an enclosed space cannot be avoided and thus ventilation is the foremost step. It is only due to the pandemic we have recognized the importance of hygiene both personal and in our surroundings. Even though this is beyond just the pandemic and can be narrowed down to our bad habits as humans.

 It must be a priority to maintain and refresh the indoor air we breathe. Essentials Oils are a natural plant-based pollution-free solution. Essential oils at the molecular level contain active nutrients like antioxidants, terpenes, and esters which upon inhalation signal the brain and nerves to provide instant relief. Over 10,000 known aromatic components explain why their therapeutic arsenal is so extremely varied and extensively developed. Many essential oils have powerful cleansing properties, whether they are bactericidal, virucidal or fungicidal: tea tree, atlas cedar, lemon, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, ravintsara, rosemary, thyme, etc..

 Puressentiel – the Efficacy of Nature: is a French family-owned, Aromatherapy brand since 2005. Clinically tested and Patented Ready to Use products for your daily ‘health’ concerns. The 100% Plant Essential Oils-based brand is focused on eco-friendly sourcing and sustainability for quick remedies suitable for the whole family. Launched in India in the midst of Covid in 2020 the brand has witnessed a great response with word of mouth and a loyal customer profile.

 The Puressentiel – Air Purifying Spray with its unique 41 pure and natural essential oils blend has been clinically proved to kill 99.9% virus, bacteria, and dust mites. The Patented formula, also tested on mild to moderate asthmatic patients, has no synthetic perfume or propellant gas. A few sprays in an enclosed space like bedroom, bathroom, car, office, elevator, or even inside the aircraft before flying will keep the air purified and fresh for upto 8 hours and keep you and your family protected indoors. The product also won The best new product launch of The Healthy Awards UK 2020.

 Available online on Amazon and  www.idfsshop.com and offline at all Foodhalls’ make sure you try the product to see the benefits for yourself.