Dr Malini Saba, Founder & Chairman, Saba Group says: ‘Being a woman is about multitasking whereas finding balance. We’re kind but not weak; strong but gentle; intelligent but humble; passionate but rational to turn our dreams into visions. We still have a long way to go for equal wages, violence against women and girls persists & we still fall behind men in terms of education, healthcare, and equal opportunities. I focus on hiring mainly women to create a culture in male dominated spaces.

We should never put ourselves second to someone else, sometimes we might be the only person standing in the way to our success. Never allow your husband’s fears or your fears to keep you from reaching for the stars, stick through your vision no matter what someone else says to you. If you fail do it again, do not sell your values & soul to be accepted, and never give up. You will get there and it would be beyond your wildest dreams. I believe that media plays an important role to show the strength of millions of women who have achieved success despite hardship and drive the path for women’s leadership. Being bold for change means having the courage to stand up and speak up — not just for yourself, but for others. Stand firm and be proud that we have come this far despite the hurdles and kept being better at what we do. Stop trying hard to fit in – you’re born to stand out.”