Dr. Amit Samarth, Scott Sports Brand Ambassador is going to attempt the World Ultra Cycling Record by cycling day and night on Saturday, 27th November 2021. He is going to commence at 2:00 am from India Gate and conclude at Zero miles, Nagpur where he will cover the distance 1037 Km to finish the race.

He will be riding Scott Plasma RC, one of the fastest bikes in India and it is a time trial bike and will ride with no breaks; no sleep breaks and his target to finish the race under 40 hours.

While talking about his training, he said “I do speed building rides or tempo rides of 75 to 100 km plus to develop speed Endurance and sustain speed for long distances. Also, I ride more than 600 to 700 km Cycling in one week with 2 to 3 strength training sessions. On weekend I do long rides, 150km -175km / 200-250 km and other days strength & interval training”.

When asked about Bike, he said “Scott Plasma RC is an aggressive bike and is extremely comfortable to ride. Also, it is very safe & extremely stable bike in rough road conditions. And it remains under control on rough roads. It maintains speed and momentum in different terrain.

Recently, he participated in Ride Across India 2021 where he cycled for 6017 km in 13 days 9 hours on Golden Quadrilateral of India that’s a world ultra-cycling record.

He has even finished Trans Siberian Extreme, the world’s longest bicycle race by cycling 9100 km in 25 days. He also participated in Race Across America, Solo Finisher which is also World’s Toughest Bicycle Race Distance 5000 km which he achieved to finish the race in 11 days 21 hours.

He is a winner of Deccan Cliffhanger 2017 and he has done IRONMAN 16 and 70.3 a toughest single day Endurance Sports race.

He is the first Indian to finish the RAAM in the last 36 years of history of the race in 11 days 21 hours. He also took part in the world’s longest bicycle race from Moscow to Vladivostok across 7 different time zones and extreme climatic conditions. 

More details : https://www.scott-sports.com/in/en/plasma-6