Safarination has introduced new interactive innovations in family entertainment centers such as augmented reality games, 3D projections. Customers choose digital entertainment choices to conventional entertainment options. Consequently, the provision of comprehensive gaming solutions fuels the development of the family entertainment centers industry.

Family/indoor entertainment centers have been increasingly common in all age ranges as of the past decade. Indoor entertainment centers are favored by families as an amusement and recreation alternative over outdoor entertainment centers, because the environmental conditions and climate change do not impact the consumers any fun time or experience. Because of the variety of entertainment opportunities such as bounce places for kids, indoor party places for kids, jumping, food and drinks consumers select family entertainment centers to spend more time with friends, teenagers, parents and other family members.

More and more families are now coming to Safarination as the family income is increasing which is the key driver contributing to the rise in the capacity to invest on entertainment and leisure activities. Families with children and representatives of young age invest more on leisure events such as golf, and video games owing to children’s growing participation in these sports.

In fact, growing GDP growth levels are helping people boost their purchasing capacities across a range of things, such as entertainment. Also, the consumers’ increasing appetite for diversified gaming and entertainment solutions is creating new gaming applications of technologies such as virtual reality gaming, Augmented reality gaming, etc.  

These modern technology technologies are also responsible for increasing the growing appetite for family entertainment centers. 

Safarination provides a platform for Kids to engage with their fellow kids and connect with them, allowing them to exchange thoughts, convey emotions, and develop friendships. While playing, they learn how to socialize and know what social and cultural values are required.

Safari Nation is one of those locations where one can celebrate their child’s birthday and have a nice party offering joy and happiness.

About Safarination

Safari Nation is a Family Entertainment Center, also known as a Children’s Fitness Center. In 2012 in Greensboro, NC, Safari Nation was founded by a husband and wife who believed that parents needed a good place to take their children to play.

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