The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will launch a new phase of the Online Interactive Sports Training Programmes in April. Enrolment for the programmes will be open from March 17 (Wednesday).
     The Online Interactive Sports Training Programmes are conducted by coaches through an online platform in real time, enabling participants to learn interactively and practise physical activities at home, and to establish a healthy lifestyle. Ten types of sports programmes will be offered. They are aerobic dance, fitness exercise, “Body-mind Stretch”, parent-child fitness, tai chi, fitness yoga and “Hip Hop Dance” as well as the newly organised courses on badminton, “Play Tennis” and table tennis, introducing the basic grip, shuttlecock or ball control, footwork and physical co-ordination skills of these games. Participants who complete the online classes of these three types of games will be invited to attend a practical session to practice the skills learned in the programmes. The courses are designed by relevant national sports associations and are suitable for people of all ages.
     Participants can join the online courses at home by using their desktop or tablet computers or their mobile phones, with Zoom software downloaded in advance. Both daytime and night-time courses will be held, with each course consisting of two or three one-hour sessions.
     Members of the public can enrol on a first-come, first-served basis from 8.30am on the first day of enrolment through the Leisure Link Internet Booking service ( The course fee is $20. Please visit the LCSD website ( or call 2414 5555 for details.
     The Online Interactive Sports Training Programmes are part of the interactive “vis-a-vis +01” series under the LCSD Edutainment Channel ( which promotes leisure, sports and culture through a one-stop online platform covering informative and learning materials.