W+S (Water Plus Supplements) has launched two vitamin water with innovative bottles that can be enjoyed every time and everywhere.

Miami FL, September 18, 2020- W+S (Water Plus Supplements), a leading healthcare product company, has announced the launching of its innovative vitamin products that help people get their vitamins and minerals in single-use hydration. They have launched two new products which will give the user a new experience enjoying vitamins like never before. The products are mineral water with 8.6 PH with unblended vitamins/supplements. People can enjoy the water itself or mix them with vitamins/supplements stored dry in a pharmaceutical-grade sealed blister.

Simon El Alj, the W+S founder, explained, “Most vitamin water products on the market are water-soluble vitamins, which lose its potency while sitting in water or exposed to moisture. It also suffers from degradation because of exposure from oxygen, UV rays, and heat. Our FDA approved products are different. The vitamins are stored dry in a pharmaceutical-grade sealed blister, which limits the exposure from elements that will harm the quality. People need to peel it before enjoying the benefits.”

During the Launch, Simon El Alj, W+S founder, also said, “Our products are different from other products on the market. You can find many vitamin water products with 36 gr of sugar, these beverages also use diet sweetener, and we never use it, less sugar is healthier. We use stevia as a sugar substitute. Stevia is derived from leaves of an herb native to South America and has 300 times sweeter than table sugar but no calories. ” W+S products are included with High-quality water with 8.6 PH, electrolyte, and enhanced with minerals that work with the body to help stay hydrated. It also includes high dose vitamins that the body needs. Another product is vitamin water with effervescent tablets. People can get a flavor of water by mixing them with an effervescent tablet that is included in the package. They can get a variety of flavors such as Orange flavor, Green tea flavor, Citrus flavor, and Lemon-lime flavor.

About W+S

Water Plus Supplements (W+S) is a leading vitamin and supplements company that has produced many innovative products, including W+S vitamins water, with a revolutionary design. W+S vitamin water is a solution to get maximum benefit and potency of vitamins. The founder also designed the product to save money and create products that save for the environment. W+S bottles are made of selected ingredients and outsourced from the best manufacturer of supplements and used eco-friendly recycled water bottles that decompose faster than regular bottles. Their goals are creating more revolutionary products such as manufacturing blisters with gummy’s or chocolate mix with supplements. For more information, please visit www.waterplussupplements.com.


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