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This is a legacy issue that seemed a bit more problematic. Hopefully it is something which is cleaned up to the final edition. I can not count the number of what should have been easy interceptions that were dropped by linebackers, safeties and corner backs. For When a RB Takes a Hand-off, the Period Appears to Have Been Extended. One issue that’s been an problem for Madden has been the amount of time. By way of example, I predict a run play and my running back must flow into the hand-off’s direction. Until the hand-off was made, thus, I do not actually gain control of the player.

I could make an argument users should have the ability to override this with almost any button or stick on command, but that’s a separate post in itself. Within this circumstance, and more particular to the beta, I’ll say the period of time you have to wait to steer your running back feels about a half-second too long, and that may be the difference in failure and success on any drama. QB Movement Needs to be Nerfed. Quite simply, the quarterbacks in the game all proceed well. I believe there needs to be some sort of modification or nerf to quarterback speed.

As an instance, when playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady did not feel slow at all. In reality, playing All-Pro, I was able to scramble for a couple of first downs with him, and complete some downfield passes out of their pocket, and on the move. It felt dirty. A number of these New Presentation Elements get old fast. When the pre-game demonstration started, I liked what I saw, but after several matches, it became repetitive. It possible the full game provides more variety. I hope so because that may equate to buttoning through someone’s work on presentation elements.

Everything that’s great about the demo, presuming it translates over to the retail version, could be so much better in a match which had a more fleshed-out franchise style. Imagine racking up stats with a defensive lineman using the new mechanisms, or breaking documents with running backs because of the new controllers, and making game-winning throws because you can get passes off you could not before, but you’re doing it all in a franchise style that felt more like a travel, and an immersive experience. It is really hard to measure how much more appreciative fans may be of those new elements.

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