New! Bear Grips Shield Gloves, full finger workout gloves,  protects againsts germs and bacteria during gym workouts. 

Bear Grips, a company that focuses on fitness accessories, has announced they are releasing Full Finger Workout Shield Gloves, that will protect its users against germs and bacteria during their workouts. Exercises conducted in a public gym during a pandemic will increase the risk of exposure to 

germs and bacteria. Gym equipment is used by thousands of users each day and are not protected. Although enhanced cleaning protocols are in place, many users are turning to Bear Grips Shield Gloves for added protection and peace of mind.

Bear Grips Shield Gloves are innovative workout gloves intended to minimize bare hands to be exposed during a workout. In fact, people touch their faces over 1000 times a day, and are at higher risk of getting illnesses. “Exercise does help our risk of illness, but untreated surfaces increase our chances of illness,” says health experts. Bear Grips Shield Gloves has many features, including made of durable and breathable materials that make the hands keep dry during the exercise. It is washable and reusable. Additionally, it comes in diverse sizes from XS-XL. It is also equipped with touchscreen tips to make the users comfortable. They can easily type on phones or cardio machines. 

Bear Grips CEO/Owner, Kunal Jhaveri, explained about the new product, “We got calls from gym owner’s around the country, who were looking for a solution to add to their COVID protocols to get members back to their clubs, They were urging us to create breathable gloves & masks. We pivoted from our usual production to help other small business gym owners and their members get their health back, get their gym back, get their happy place back!” 

About Bear Grips

Bear Grips has been manufacturing accessories since 2014. The company is located North of Boston, MA, USA.  They primarily focus on wearable accessories to protect hands and joints. The company is backed by a knowledgeable staff and strives to provide high-quality fitness accessories that make the users confident and comfortable. Their new shield gloves are becoming an essential item for fitness activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about the Bear Grips Shield Gloves, please visit 

Company Name: Bear Grips

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Phone: (978) 817-2883



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