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Yeah I’m asking for way to much but including one (please add greater than fucking one of these next year tho) of these would make NBA 2K21 much better. I’d be happy if they made fun that is myleague. They do not even need to listen to my own ideas it just has to be fun I’m giving ideas to them. Myleague is one of the gamemodes on 2K right now and it should be the one that is top. If you take a break myteam is unplayable. Animations are becoming this season changed way too fast and way too much. Sorry for my English being worse than the usual drunken American I’m Dutch.Wish For 2K21 MyTeam – Online Competitive Play

Rather than matchmaking by overall which contributes to all sorts of”entire cheese”, create leagues or tiers based on the gem color of the greatest complete card in your lineup and rewards to signify that grade or league. You are able to play in the league or grade over your greatest gem colored card, but can not play under. They wouldn’t have the ability to play with a lineup consisting solely of Sapphire and Ruby players.

The present system rewards players to artificially lowering their position to play against groups with lower cards. I believe that a system that allows players to play against greater overall lineups but not allow attempts to play worse lineups is a much better consumer experience for everyone. I like this idea but I believe there would need to be a style without this kind of matchmaking.

There is a lot of players who may be new to the manner or just have trash teams, but managed to get a lucky pull. Imagine being a participant with a single opal (which you have luck and hauled in one pack) and 9 ruby cards, but having to go off against a god group filled with opals and PDs. It’d be unfair. It would be perfect, if this was separate from a style that does some variant of the group matchmaking we’ve.

Rather than career spotlight series do group spotlight collection. So players play and profession with rivals or their teammates rather than going through a single. You play through the certain teams touch minutes. For example for the bulls you and jordan perform and after that you play the drose era. I also think instead of triple threat do draft mode. You just take the ten man roster and then play 10 games. Each sport you win you receive a ball drop and if you move 10 and 0 you get a opportunity to acquire a distinctive triple threat player that chnages every few months.

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