E.J. Wade grew up in South Florida and found an escape through reading “Goosebumps,, a series by R.L. Stine. He used to also take English literature books and Zane books on military deployments to have reading material. But it was a lecture he heard from Professor Stephen Engle of Florida Atlantic University that inspired “Where Jim’s Crows go to Die,” a story of The Great Betrayal, with a protagonist who was erased from history, Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

The idea is for people who are incarcerated to be able to take a mental break from being in prison. He hopes to inspire people to write a story of their own or dream beyond those 4 walls. When they are released, maybe they can chase their dreams. “Where Jim’s Crows go to Die” is growing in popularity for its ability to speak to American history and stay away from partisan politics.

E.J. Wade plans on starting with the Sunshine State and including other states eventually. There are mountains of books currently being pulled from the Florida school system but books offer a chance to learn from people with different viewpoints. History books in particular are important because we can learn from that history, good and bad.

“If I can change one life, it will be worth the effort. My life is not about making a fortune but about telling the best stories I can tell.” -E.J. Wade


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