Will B, Akyra Alihaah, and Dawna Lee Heising To Star in “Vamp-High”

EXCLUSIVE: Will B, Akyra Alihaah, and Dawna Lee Heising are set to star in Vamp-High among a stellar cast to be announced soon!

Hollywood Actors Will B, Akyra Alihaah, and Dawna Lee Heising have joined the stellar cast of the upcoming TV Series “Vamp-High”. The independent film’s production is taking place in Philadelphia, PA.

Will B is a digital influencer in addition to actor, singer/songwriter and more who attracted more than 260,000 followers to his theofficialwillb Instagram account. He has sang/acted on Conan O’Brien‘s late night show, opened for JoJo Siwa and been a part of the Kidz Bop Tour. He began his career as an entertainer when he was 8 years old. He acted in a musical called Pricilla Queen of The Desert and was on tour with the musical for 11 months. He was part of Rock Your Hair’s Rock Into Summer concert in Los Angeles, California in June of 2018. He has over 230,000 fans on his theofficialwillb TikTok account. He acted in a movie called Bleach that starred Eric Roberts and Lorenzo Lamas.

Akyra Alihaah Carter is a child actress and model. Professionally trained in modeling, acting and vocal techniques. Akyra made her first stage appearance at age of 18 months old. After winning over 65 beauty pageants around the United States, she realized the love for the stage and decided to pursue an acting career and The Big Screen. Some of her more recent work : Twisted Sisters, Den of Thieves, A Family Affair, PTSD  and others.

Dawna Lee Heising has acted in over 150 feature films and has won awards in over 170 films as an actor/producer/publicity director. She is the VP of Aki Aleong’s Mustard Seed Media Group and the VP, Festivals & Promotions for Dante D’Anthony’s Olas Hayes Movie Production Studio. Dawna has won eight Best Actress Awards for her Lady Macbeth monologue in Craig Railsback’s “Dark Classics” at eight International Film Festivals; Best Actress for her role as Nikki Taylor in Walter Hochbrueckner’s “The Paradise Motel” at the 2022 Rome International Film Festival; Best Actress for her role as Barbie in Dustin Ferguson’s “Nemesis 5” at the 2018 LANFA Film Festival; “Actress & Action Star of the Year” at the 2021 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards, and Best Supporting Actress for Gregory Blair’s “Garden Party Massacre” at the 2018 Lucky Strike Film Festival. She is the executive producer and host of the award-winning television interview show “Eye on Entertainment”.

Mike Le (PTSD A Soldiers Revenge, Recipes for Love, Level III) is directing the project. Diana Ramos-Santiago (PTSD , Recipes for Love, Million Dollar Affair) is one of the producers and Arykas & Ybots MGT represents Will B,  Akyra and Dawna.

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Hardbacon Reveals the Top Tips to Save Money on Travel this Summer

Hardbacon ​in-house money expert Heidi Unrau reveals the most effective money saving tips for traveling this summer

Hardbacon, a personal finance application used by more than 39,000 Canadians, has teamed up with ​​in-house money expert Heidi Unrau to reveal the most effective ways to save on travel this summer.

Canadians are more eager than ever to travel this summer, but with Canadians facing record-breaking inflation and soaring gas prices, knowing how to make the most of your money as you vacation is a game-changer.

Hence, Harbacon money expert Heidi Unrau is sharing her favourite ways to save money on travel this summer, so you can make the most of your next vacation. Her money saving tips aim to help you get the best deals on everything from flights to hotels, as well as cash rewards on your purchases.

“Whether you’re flying down south or taking a road trip to any major Canadian city, some smart shopping and planning can go a long way this travel season,” said Heidi. “From using the right credit card to budgeting apps, there are tons of strategies to understand that will allow Canadians to travel smart this season.”

Here are Heidi’s 3 best hacks to save money on travel this summer:

Switch credit cards 

The easiest way to save on travel is by making the most of your credit card. By making the switch to a Travel rewards credit card, you can reduce your travel costs, as well as benefit from features like travel insurance, baggage fee discounts, no foreign transaction fees and more.

Build a budget

To really get a hold of your finances before you travel, build a budget. The Hardbacon budgeting app can get you to a better financial place quicker than you could on your own by helping you track your spending, make a budget, and take control of your money.

Use a comparison tool

Hardbacon’s comparison tool allows Canadians to compare flights, hotels and travel insurance in order to benefit from the best prices. Canadians can now compare flight prices to find cheap airline tickets, save hundreds of dollars when they compare prices on travel insurance, as well as compare hotels to find the best rates.

About Hardbacon

Hardbacon helps Canadians plan, budget and invest, while also enabling users to compare different financial services such as credit cards, bank accounts, online brokers, robo-advisors, mortgages and crypto exchanges. Hardbacon is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Aristotle Tsingiropoulos heading to a Multi-Film Deal

Get ready to see Aristotle Tsingiropoulos on your screens in the near future, because the upcoming Hollywood Actor is prepping for a Multi-Film Deal in 2023.

Get ready to see  Aristotle Tsingiropoulos on your screens in the near future, because the upcoming Hollywood Actor is prepping for a Multi-Film Deal in 2023. Talking to Arykas & Ybots PR about the upcoming deal, Aristotle said that he is “thrilled to be able to collaborate” with Hollywood Veteran Actors, and went on to express that he is “excited to be part of these  projects while continuing to strengthen my skills as an actor.”

Tsingiropoulos from “Recipes for Love: The Mini-Series,” has been cast in three huge blockbusters films that are set to open in 2023. The first one is “Dust-Off” where he plays the role of a military informant who partners with US former military Special Forces. His Second film is under an NDA and details will be released accordingly. On his 3rd film, he will start alongside a stellar cast of Hollywood actors.

Official Facebook:  Aristotle Tsingiropoulos

(Photo Credit: Eleftherious Kostans)

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ARYKA’S & YBOT’S PR Firm, dedicates their time to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to brand acceleration and innovation. They specialize in talent publicity and branding; their approach will give your business that extra adrenaline shot it needs. Aryka’s creative team takes the time to understand your brand and finds the most effective way to convey that to your audience from strategy to implementation.

Wyoming Banking Commissioner Goes Web3, Joins Fortress Blockchain Technologies

Fortress Trust Company Appoints Albert Forkner, State Banking Commissioner with the Wyoming Division of Banking, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Fortress Blockchain Technologies revealed today that Albert Forkner, state banking commissioner with the Wyoming Division of Banking, has joined Fortress Trust Company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Albert Forkner heads up the regulatory entity powering the Fortress Web3 B2B infrastructure ecosystem.

Fortress provides a suite of API-driven B2B financial, regulatory and technology solutions to NFT and crypto innovators. These trailblazers are setting up to transform the world, thanks to Web3 initiatives, there is a trusted foundation from which to build their businesses.

Albert explains, “The goal of Fortress Blockchain Technologies is to provide a suite of Web3 infrastructure products and services for NFT and crypto innovators. With the embeddable wallet from Fortress Wallet, or the minting engine from FortressNFT, to payment rails, compliance services and digital asset custody solutions from Fortress Trust, we exist to support and/or provide solutions for our customers to build extraordinary businesses around NFT’s and crypto.” 

Forkner brings over 20 years of experience as a banking regulator and was heavily involved in the Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) bank charter, the first such framework for digital assets.

Albert continues, “…a lot of things were working through the state system, through our state legislature. And then my job was to administer the laws that were passed as they dealt with digital assets, banking, blending the traditional financial services and digital assets together. I spent the last four years doing that and figuring out how to allow and foster innovation, but still do it in a safe and sound manner.”

For more information, visit FortressTrust.us.

About Fortress Blockchain Technologies and Fortress Trust Company

Fortress Blockchain Technologies is a software development firm and holding company that is purpose-built to create infrastructure for the rapidly emerging Web3 space. Fortress Trust Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortress Blockchain Technologies and is a full-retail Nevada-chartered financial institution.

The Hollywood Sign Trust Shares Eco-Friendly Ways to Experience The Hollywood Sign This Summer

From Hiking Trails to Native Plants, on Horseback or by DASH, Dive Into Preserving The Iconic Sign For Generations To Come

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.June 28, 2022PRLog — In its mission to protect and preserve the Hollywood Sign for generations to come, and in celebration of summer, the Hollywood Sign Trust shares fun and eco-friendly ways to enjoy The Hollywood Sign. From stunning hiking trails to picnic spots in Griffith Park, the Trust urges residents and visitors to enjoy the Sign without taxing the environment. And while there, explore the native plants and animals that call the Hollywood Sign home.

“The Hollywood Sign is the entertainment industry’s biggest star. We want people to embrace its vibrant history while helping to preserve its future,” said Jeff Zarrinnam, chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust. “As the Sign approaches its 100 anniversary in 2023, it’s a perfect time to commit to protecting the urban wilderness that surrounds this beloved monument representing the hopes and dreams of people worldwide.”

Seven Eco-Friendly Ways to Experience The Hollywood Sign This Summer

1) Stunning views of the Hollywood Sign unfold on Griffith Park’s hiking trails

Making a pledge to go green? Always stick to approved hiking trails, never litter, and be sure to bring water in reusable bottles. It’s also important to remember that no open flames are permitted in the Park. The Trust’s top three trails — Mt. Hollywood, Brush Canyon, and Cahuenga Peak— rank from easy to difficult and offer choices for all types of hikers,  from families to intrepid adventurers. Plan your visit at https://www.hollywoodsign.org.

2) Picnic your way to the Hollywood Sign: go green at these quintessential spots

  • The Fern Dell Trail in Griffith Park: Viewing the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Park is an eco-friendly treat in and of itself. Add to that a picnic basket filled with summer favorites and it becomes a very special date with nature. Skip the wasteful takeout packaging and bring your own picnic from home (in multi-use containers, of course.) 2333 Fern Dell Drive, Los Angeles.
  • The Park at Lake Hollywood: Situated between the Lake Hollywood Reservoir and the Hollywood Sign, spread your picnic blanket in the grassy park near the cool playground. Dispose of any trash in an approved receptacle or carry it out. 3160 Canyon Lake Drive, Los Angeles.
  • The Three Mile Trail Hollywood Sign Loop: Take the DASH bus to the Griffith Observatory to enjoy this easy trail that features five viewpoints of the Sign with a fraction of the tourists. Along the way, enjoy a pleasant picnic spot featuring grass, picnic tables, shade, and water. 2800 E. Observatory Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90027-1299

3) Travel to the Hollywood Sign by the DASH Observatory Bus

Let’s face it: driving to the Sign creates pollution. Save on gas and the hassle of parking by taking the Metro Red Line to the Vermont/Sunset station and connect to the LADOT DASH (https://www.ladottransit.com/dash/) Observatory Bus. The DASH makes stops at The Greek Theatre and the Griffith Observatory where you’ll find the Mt. Hollywood Trail—great places to view the Sign. Shuttles run every 15-20 minutes seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

4) See the Sign and re-live the Wild West on horseback

For a true green adventure, and a ride through Hollywood history, go by horseback. A piece of Hollywood western lore can still be found at Sunset Ranch (https://www.sunsetranchhollywood.com/), which is an unforgettable way to view the Hollywood Sign while riding into the sunset.

5) Hollywood Sign gazing: explore the constellations that light up the Hollywood Sign

Enjoy the beauty of L.A.’s star-studded skies. Follow the Sky Report (https://griffithobservatory.org/explore/observing-the-sky/sky-report/) from The Griffith Observatory to keep up to date with the summer sky and find out which nights stars will shine bright.

6) Learn which flora and fauna call the Hollywood Sign home

Mule deer, coyotes, raccoons, gray foxes, opossums, skunks, bobcats,  and the Hollywood Sign’s famous mountain lion, P-22,  are just a few of the wild animals that make their home near the Sign. Don’t forget to bird watch as nearly 70 species make their nests in Griffith Park including hawks, roadrunners and woodpeckers. When you’re hiking on approved trails, notice the wide variety of native trees and plants that thrive year round. They can be an inspiration for your own native garden!

7) Allow the City to be your chauffeur and take the Red Line

The Metro’s B Line (https://www.metro.net/riding/guide/b-line/) (Red), runs between downtown Los Angeles and North Hollywood. Stops include the Ovation Hollywood (https://www.ovationhollywood.com/) shopping center, where you can view the Sign and tour the Walk of Fame (https://hollywoodchamber.net/tag/walk-of-fame/). Then either take the DASH bus to the Sign or continue on the Red Line to Universal Studios for a day of fun.

About the Hollywood Sign Trust

The Hollywood Sign Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit trust created operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes and responsible for physically maintaining, repairing and securing the Hollywood Sign; providing capital improvements for the benefit of the public at large; and educating the world about the Sign’s historical and cultural importance. More information about the Sign’s history and the Trust can be found at: www.hollywoodsign.org.

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