Since 1902, Orange Mattress has been working hard to create custom handcrafted mattresses and box springs.

This family business is committed to the highest quality of bedding, ensuring quality and satisfaction in every sleep.

The passion for this work runs in the blood, following the family from their original location of Charleston, South Carolina, to New Jersey in 1938.

Using a variety of materials like horse hair, cotton, wool, latex rubber, and organic cotton, the company uses natural fibers and no synthetic foams in their natural line. Their mattresses can be customized for firmness or softness, from soft to medium, firm, or super firm. These mattresses are lace tufted by hand, keeping materials from shifting. They also offer an extra layer of cushion for a cloud-soft feeling.

Orange Mattress also provides custom pillows. The best pillows available are goose down or white goose feathers mixed with down. This allows more support and body to the pillows. However, they also handmake wool and horsehair pillows. Handmade pillows are rarely found in stores.

Handmade Horsehair Mattresses: Orange Mattress is excited to be the premier source for handmade horse hair mattresses. These mattresses have a mix of cotton and hoarse hair, making them as comfortable as foam mattresses, but much more durable and far healthier. Horse hair is integrated into a mattress by hand-teasing the strands. This makes the strands longer, giving them springy qualities. The horsehair acts like thousands of tiny springs, supporting the contours of a person’s body when they lay down on the mattress.

This makes it much more comfortable than synthetic materials. It’s also longer-lasting, as horsehair doesn’t flatten. Horsehair is very resilient, allowing it to retain its shape and springiness long-term.

Horse hair is open-celled and hollow. This makes it an excellent wicking material that banishes moisture that accumulates while you’re sleeping. This makes horsehair mattresses much cooler while you’re sleeping.

In addition, horsehair helps create a surface that naturally maintains a constant temperature, keeping you comfortable without the temperature fluctuations of synthetic material.

Horsehair is also naturally hypoallergenic. This means for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory illness; a horsehair bed offers a safe and clean place to sleep.

Where To Reach Orange Mattress and Custom Bedding Company: Located in Clark, NJ, Orange Mattress has a brick-and-mortar store where you can easily tour some of their options.

However, if you’re a little further than down the road, Orange Mattress also ships all over the US, offering White Glove delivery service at a special rate for the east coast.

Custom Handmade Horse Hair Mattresses Made In the US.

Orange Mattress and Custom Bedding Company create tailored horse hair and cotton innerspring mattresses. These are customized to the firmness the customer requests (soft, medium, firm, or super firm) and can easily be customized for your unique bed size.

Contact Orange Mattress and Custom Bedding Company at 1-800-761-1100 or email for more information on getting a natural, bespoke mattress for your next deep sleep or visit

Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding

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