Announcing the Florida Kings Hockey Club

 The Florida Kings Hockey Club is pleased to announce the formation of Florida’s newest youth hockey organization. With a stated mission to develop hockey players of all skill levels, the organization’s focus will be on personal growth, improvement, sportsmanship and the development of impactful life skills. This is not, and will never be, a “win at all cost” organization. The Florida Kings’ not-for-profit structure further allows it to make participation in travel hockey possible for those families that may otherwise find the sport financially out of reach.

Program development for the Florida Kings Hockey Club is led by NHL alumnus and passionate youth hockey ambassador, Mr. Anders Eriksson. With more than 570 professional games played, a Stanley Cup ring, and extensive coaching experience at various levels, there is no one more qualified to lead this effort. Anders will be supported by a talented and experienced coaching staff, many of whom also bring NHL and other professional level experience from around the globe. The Kings’ growing Board of Directors is comprised of energetic and dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds and economic strata, and the organization has quickly garnered the enthusiastic support of many travel hockey families that previously benefited from Anders’ tutelage.

“I am excited by this opportunity to build something truly special with the Florida Kings,” commented Anders Eriksson, Director of Hockey Operations for the Florida Kings Hockey Club. “While our program may be new, the instruction, training methodology, and overall philosophy upon which it is based have combined to produce some of the most successful ice hockey players in the world.”

Upon completion of construction, the organization plans to play out of the newly constructed Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center. This sprawling 73,000 square foot facility features two regulation sized NHL rinks, a modern training gym, pro shop, and much more. By all estimations, it will be the premier ice facility in South Florida, and is conveniently located just a few hundred feet from the Congress Avenue exit on I-95.

“The Florida Kings Hockey Club represents not only a chance to help grow the sport here in South Florida, but it also provides us with a mechanism to enable and empower the youth in our community,” said Rick Mancinelli, President of the Board for the Florida Kings Hockey Club. “We have some unique and innovative programs planned and invite prospective families, coaches, volunteers and donors to contact us to learn more!”

For more information on the Florida Kings Hockey Club, please visit, or call (888) 973-8280. For additional information on the Boca Ice & Fine Arts facility, please visit

Florida Kings Hockey Club, Inc.

Anders Eriksson

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Announcing Exodus II — How Bible History Is Expected to Repeat: Dr. Richard Ruhling

Author Dr. Richard Ruhling states: “The Bible says God is going to make a full end of all nations except for those who choose His kingdom, (Jer 30:11) this book shows how we get there. Egypt enslaved Israel and threw their babies in the river. We are seeing history repeat itself in our generation. God is going to ‘execute judgment’ (Exodus 12:12) as He did on Egypt and take those who are ready to a covenant—that’s how Israel became God’s kingdom (Exodus 19:5,6), and Paul included that history for a repeat—1Cor 10:1,11.”
In his book, “From Lockdown to Knockdown the Fall of America and New World Order: Bible Prophecy for Positive People,” Dr. Ruhling tells the truth of what’s causing America’s fall. With MD, MPH and board-certified in medicine before teaching at Loma Linda University, he has a broad experience in health, current events and Bible to understand contemporary issues that are poised to usher in a New World Order.
Book topics include COVID and vaccine issues as part of a failing medical system, but mentions education, religion, correction, government as failing society as well. A main benefit is its interpretation of what the Bible says about the end times. Ruhling offers a broad picture of end-times passages and how they correlate with current events.
The book is an intriguing, yet spiritually-enriching read that’s intended to prepare Christians for what’s coming.
Buy the book at:
From Lockdown to Knockdown The Fall of America and New World Order: Bible Prophecy for Positive People
Author: Dr. Richard Ruhling
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: September 2021
Book Genre: Religion & Spirituality

About the Author:
Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, was board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. His book was given 5-stars by Grady Harp, MD, Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer for its alternative medicine information.

Announcing the Launch of a New Design & Marketing Vertical: Excal Design Inc.

 Announcing the launch of Excal Design Inc.

Excal Design is the brainchild of Thomas W. Rissman, President & CEO and Shubhra Bhargava, Vice President – Design.

The re-branding and marketing of the parent company, Excaltech®, resulted in overall business growth, better brand recall and increased revenue. Inspired by this success, Mr. Rissman and Ms. Bhargava decided to create Excal Design Inc. as a separate entity to support other organizations in achieving similar growth.

Mr. Rissman graduated from Cornell University in 1979 and from The Law School at the University of Chicago in 1982. He has extensive experience in information technology, railroads and related products and in international transactions. As a serial entrepreneur, he believes he can help other businesses tap into their potential, through Excal Design.

Ms. Bhargava has held leadership positions both in the US and emerging markets like India. An architect by training, she is a branded-environments specialist. She has worked with different consumer categories, ranging from FMCG to luxury products.

Ms. Bhargava has experience in design, user interface, general management, CMS, social media, brand identity, visual merchandising and retail identities. She uses design thinking extensively for solving business problems and coming up with innovative solutions.

Excal Design Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Excalibur Technology Corp.

Excal Design

Shubhra Bhargava




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