Reines Equity Group is a private micro-equity investment firm that provides equity capital and expertise to support small businesses in acquisitions and recapitalizations of companies typically valued between $25K – $500K. One point of attraction for Reines Equity Group is to work with a group of micro firms to buyout of companies from Baby Boomer. The firms focus on clients in the personal care space (Beauty Salons, Barbershops, Nail Salons and Spas), where the firm would be able to have a significant investment, management and transactional impact.

Reines Equity Group collaborates with other private micro equity firms, utilizing group economics to offer creative financing to small business clients, enabling them to acquire other businesses within their respective sectors. Innovation is then introduced where clients will be able to increase its valuation exponentially by the creation of a digital enterprise (E-Commerce, DeFi investments, NFT VIP Membership and Web 3.0 Customer Experience).

Reines Equity Group LLC

Rochelle Wilson-Ellis




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