G Five for Men is available on Amazon.com.

“We are excited that G Five is carried by one of the top two retailers in the country,” said Steve Cullen, CEO of BLP Better Life Products, makers of G Five health supplements. “We are launching in the U.S. our G Five product line, which also includes G Five Menopause.”

BLP recently met with retail buyers from some of the most respected retailers in the country.

“Placing G Five products with more retailers is part of our 2022 expansion plan,” Cullen said. “We are already on Walmart.com and OneLavi.com. Adding Amazon to our mix is a great boost. It gives us tremendous exposure to all of Amazon’s consumers.”

G Five’s key active ingredient is American Ginseng, a herbal extract used for thousands of years by Native American and Asian healers because of its medicinal benefits.

VeryWellHealth.com reports that research supporting the health benefits of American Ginseng is growing.

Research suggests that American Ginseng could help with fatigue, poor mental health, diabetes, and the cold and flu.

Healthline.com adds that Ginseng’s “proven health benefits” include the following:  may reduce inflammation, boost overall performance, and improve the immune system.

“Ginseng has a proven history of health benefits,” Cullen said. “With G Five, we are unleashing the power of this medicinal root.”

G Five stands apart from other dietary supplements on the market because it uses an innovative manufacturing process that taps into the full strength of Ginseng.

“We use new technology that maximizes the raw ingredients, including Ginseng, in G Five,” Cullen said. “The process we use makes the ingredients more bioavailable, which gives you the full power of G Five’s ingredients.”

G Five’s patented formula includes Goji Berry Fruit Extract, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Schisandra Chinensis, and, Ginseng.

“G Five is a new dietary supplement made specifically for men, who want to live life to their fullest,” Cullen said. “G Five enhances a man’s health.”

To purchase G Five, visit Amazon, Walmart.com, and OneLavi.com.

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About BLP

Everything BLP stands for has been captured in our first product – G Five. We believe nature has provided our body with everything it needs. Our philosophy is that we all deserve to live the best life we can and BLP’s exclusive process, which optimizes the effectiveness of the Ginseng extract, makes achieving this more possible than ever. G Five invigorates men’s lives by unleashing the power lying dormant within.