With the software, businesses can consistently offer relevant information to target customers.

FlipBuilder has launched a free eBook creator called Flip PDF Plus Pro to help businesses prove their value and credibility to their customers. With the eBook creator, companies can offer high levels of customer service and satisfy consumer needs. While they want to be associated with great brands, consumers also want to work with businesses with positive reputations. EBooks can help them look credible and build a loyal customer following. The knowledge and value they provide encourage learning in readers. And Flip PDF Plus Pro ensures they create interactive and engaging eBooks that offer solutions to customer pain points.

This free eBook creator enables the creation of impactful eBooks. Users could still take readers through the sales funnel even if they aren’t monetizing their eBooks. This familiarizes customers with their brand, products, and value. Aligning content with people’s buying journey prepares them for the big decision – making a purchase.

Flip PDF Plus Pro also helps users create content suited to customer needs. Every piece of the eBook offers relevant information that catches readers’ interest. Users are inspired to research more about their audiences and come up with buyer personas to help target information with precision while catering to the needs of everyone.

“There are many reasons to utilize our free eBook creator,” says Lynn Tang, customer service head of FlipBuilder. “This software helps a lot. Your possibilities are endless, and you can make as many pieces as possible to promote brand consistency and establish more meaningful relationships with your readers.”

FlipBuilder turns users into experts. Following its simple tutorials, one can make an eBook in minutes, even without design experience. The free eBook creator is straightforward to use with each tool and function readily available. Users only need to select the right one and transform their static files into visually appealing publications that are easy to understand. Once the creations are ready, they have quality pieces to use for months or years with excellent returns on investment.

To get more details about this free eBook creator, please visit the official website of FlipBuilder.

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing best solution to convert static PDF files into wonderful online flipbook. From design to delivery, we focus on simplicity in use and power in function. Unlike traditional printed publications based on paper, you can create an online elegant digital magazine within several steps.