Interactive magazines offer a solution for regaining readers and keeping current audiences engaged. FlipHTML5 is the ideal tool for creating interactive magazines.

Many people in today’s society have abandoned reading in favor of other methods of getting information. Those who still read prefer content that is interactive and engaging. Interactive content may also be able to win back those who have given up on reading. The interactive magazine is one way of regaining an audience that was lost as well as keeping those who still read. FlipHTML5 is an excellent tool for producing an interactive magazine online; it can even transform dull, standard magazines into more interesting versions.

FlipHTML5 begins by converting the static PDF file to an interactive magazine. The process is fully automatic and requires no technical skills or experience. This leaves people free to focus on creating great content for their readers. FlipHTML5 also features convenient templates, themes, and backgrounds to augment the appearance of magazines.

The interactive magazine made with FlipHTML5 comes with many benefits. Unlike standard PDFs that depend on endless scrolling, these magazines flip from page to page like printed ones and even have the page-flipping sound. Readers can tap the corners of pages or use the next and previous buttons to move between pages. Magazine creators can add a clickable table of contents and insert thumbnails and a search function for easier navigation.

Printed magazines and PDFs alike are limited in the type of content they can contain. Interactive magazines such as those made with FlipHTML5 on the other hand can feature multimedia including images, audio, videos, popups, animations, and GIFs. These mimic the video content that draws audiences away from reading and can be the key to regaining these audiences. Hyperlinks add to the interactive nature of the magazines by allowing readers to access external resources such as shopping sites more easily.

Perhaps the best thing about the interactive magazine is its ability to adapt to the environments in which audiences spend their time. FlipHTML5 optimizes the interactive magazine for viewing on mobile devices as well as browsers and supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It offers various distribution options that make it simple to share the interactive magazine on social media and via email. There are even SEO options to improve rankings on search engines.

“FlipHTML5 was designed to be interactive, so the interactive magazine was a natural progression,” says the Designer of FlipHTML5, Anna Lee.

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