ETOKEN would like to announce its initial offering of tokens; the tokens use the Binance Smart Chain. This allows for low cost and speed of trading while utilizing one of the largest block chain protocols. The tokens can be purchased using BNB though MetaMask wallets.

ETOKEN Symbol EEE is a lightning-fast token that aims to pay you back.

ETOKEN pays both holders of the token and liquidity pool providers a return on their tokens using MetaMask wallets. The token is poised for future growth as it becomes known to crypto markets. ETOKEN has the potential to grow many times in value as it is modestly priced in its initial offering. Possible future uses for the token are limitless and it can easily be used as an intermediary in transactions or as a remittance token.

ETOKEN has entered into successful negotiations with a major brokerage and intends to be listed on a global exchange within 2 weeks of meeting its token’s sales goal. Additional interest has been expressed in listing the token by multiple crypto currency exchanges.

This inexpensively priced token has potential to grow many times in price once listed on an exchange.

“Let’s make ETOKEN roar like a rocket!”

If you would like more information about ETOKEN symbol EEE, please view ETOKENS website for a link to the whitepaper, contact owner at (510) 660-1211 or email at


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