Business leaders need the right information at the right time. For organizations that get their information from cloud-powered data analytics apps, faster VMs can provide insights that enable stakeholders to make decisions sooner. When Principled Technologies compared the performance of Microsoft Azure Lsv3-series VMs to that of older Lsv1-series VMs, they found compelling speed advantages.

According to the report, “At each VM size, we found that the Lsv3-series VMs with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors analyzed data more than twice as fast. For small VMs, the Lsv3-series VMs processed the workload with up to 2.72 times the speed of their Lsv1-series counterparts. Similarly, the medium Lsv3-series VMs presented a performance increase of up to 2.61 times; the large VMs, up to 2.09 times… This performance increase could enable you to achieve insights more quickly and implement solutions that might help your business gain a competitive edge.”

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