Jacksonville Marine has presented Safe Animal Shelter of Clay County with a $25,000 donation

The Bill & Kristin Fenech Foundation, established by Barletta Pontoon Boat owner Bill Fenech, offered to donate one percent of Jacksonville Marine’s model year 2021 wholesale shipments with Jacksonville Marine matching at least 10 percent of the pledged amount. The Foundation provided $22,350 and Jacksonville Marine donated $2,650 to bring the total donation to $25,000.

“We are grateful to partner with the Fenech Foundation and Barletta Pontoons to give back to our community,” said Gardner. “I have always been blown away by Bill Fenech’s generosity to his employees and business partners and this charitable giving offer is just another example of that generosity. We are thankful to them for helping us support our local shelter.”

Gardner and Smith chose the no-kill animal shelter because of their and Barletta’s mutual love of animals. They all believe animals are a part of the family and every customer who buys a Barletta Pontoon Boat also receives a dog dish with their purchase.

The Bill & Kristin Fenech Foundation was established to provide charitable funding on behalf of Barletta Pontoon Boats, a provider of boats sold by Jacksonville Marine.

The Foundation offered to partner on charitable donations as a way to help its dealerships around the country give back to their communities. Its total impact in communities across the country in 2021 is expected to exceed $2 million.

About Jacksonville Marine

Jacksonville Marine, a marine sales and service dealership located at Doctors Lake Marina in Fleming Island serves the Northeast Florida region. It offers a variety of boats including Chris-Craft, Barletta Pontoons, Bennington Pontoons, Stingray and Cobalt. The service staff has more than 40 years of experience in the marine industry and is industry and manufacturer trained in Yamaha, Mercury, Volvo and Suzuki motors. For more, visit jaxmarine.com.


HappyNest Record Growth Validates Laundry Pickup and Delivery Model

HappyNest also recently doubled the square footage of its headquarters to accommodate its growing operations. Q3 2021 enjoyed over 5,000 new signups for the HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry service.

“As people’s lives get busier, the demand for pickup and delivery laundry services continues to grow,” said John MacKrell, CEO and founder of HappyNest and former multi-store owner of Lighthouse Laundromats. “At HappyNest, we have developed an effective and supportive pickup and delivery laundry services business model that is not only profitable for laundromat owners but adds significant additional growth during their slow mid-week period.”

Since 2019, HappyNest has been expanding throughout the U.S., working with local, thoroughly vetted, and highly efficient laundromat partners to provide affordable, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry services. The company offers sustainable marketing programs beyond paid search, including branding and content creation, and a versatile and intuitive consumer mobile app for auto-scheduling, payment, and customer requests. HappyNest also provides service area exclusivity to its partners.

Growth in Q3 saw HappyNest launder over 1.2 million pounds and pick up 33,930 laundry bags from customers’ homes. The increase in business momentum comes as HappyNest receives praise from partners and customers on its strong commitment to customer satisfaction. It registered a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75 this month and a 4.7 rating on LoyaltyLoop. Below are some HappyNest customer quotes:

• “Fantastic service…. We use it for both our business and personal use.” – Jeff N.

• “I absolutely love this service. So convenient, and you can’t beat the price. Its next-day service makes my life so much easier!” Jaime C.

• “This service is GREAT! They pick up and deliver exactly as directed, laundry is always clean, and they text you to keep you up-to-date with pickup and drop-off times. No guesswork!”

– Peter T.

HappyNest’s focus on building its partner network, investing in dedicated customer support, and helping its partners scale their operations are some of the reasons for growth.

“For those looking to get into laundry pickup and delivery in a big way, I recommend HappyNest,” said Brian Henderson, Founder and CEO of Wash-Dry-Fold POS. “I have not met a single HappyNest partner who regretted going with them, and in fact, they all attribute their HappyNest partnership as the key to their explosive growth.”

To learn why HappyNest is the software of choice for laundromats looking to significantly increase same-store revenue by maximizing turns during slower times, go to: https://www.happynest.com/partner/.

For current availability and pricing in a specific area, enter the zip code here:


About HappyNest

HappyNest is a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry service sweeping the U.S. The company’s mobile app links consumers to reputable area laundromats for on-demand, customizable, next-day service. With the decline in the laundry services market due to the economic slowdown, HappyNest is giving new life to laundromats and their highly efficient washers and dryers that use 40% less energy than household appliances that would otherwise sit idle. Used for both residential and light commercial purposes, HappyNest is a no-brainer for individuals who would rather spend time otherwise and busy employees working in laundry-heavy businesses. Check availability in your area at www.happynest.com or text/call 855-335-9274. Follow on LinkedIn.

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Buckle Closes $60M in Funding to Expand Full-Stack Insurance Platform across US

The successful raise underscores Buckle’s stated goal to reimagine financial services for the gig economy. The capital will help the Company scale its pioneering, full-stack insurance-as-a-service platform as Buckle continues to spearhead innovative financial products for the rising middle class across the U.S.

The Company’s core hybrid auto insurance policy for rideshare and delivery drivers uses data from Transportation Network Company (TNC) platforms to underwrite policies. By using rideshare and delivery data instead of credit scores, Buckle’s core, hybrid auto insurance policy helps close the gap created by conventional insurance policies that leave gig workers underinsured or with higher premiums.

“This new raise helps validate Buckle’s positive momentum across its insurance programs and reinforces our belief in the opportunity for growth the Company faces today,” said Marty Young, co-founder and CEO of Buckle. “Through our capital efficient, multi-carrier strategy, we’re expanding our digital insurance platform nationwide so that we can offer a range of attractive insurance options to U.S. gig economy workers, many of whom have been considered essential workers throughout the pandemic.”

Buckle also acquired and recapitalized three admitted insurance carriers, Gateway Insurance Company, American Service Insurance Company, and American Country Insurance Company. Through its multi-carrier insurance platform and strategic MGA partnerships, Buckle expanded insurance products for gig workers to include traditional taxi, limousine, rideshare fleets, and non-standard personal auto.

“The pandemic has shown the essential value that gig workers contribute to the broader economy,” said Manny Citron, managing partner at Volery. “The gig ecosystem is growing rapidly but requires innovative and inclusive financial services to address the needs of this dynamic workforce. We support Buckle’s efforts to reimagine insurance, credit and other financial products for this growing, yet underserved market. We are excited to be part of the journey.”

In addition to launching additional insurance products and partnerships, Buckle has recently introduced an auto financing product to its Members in Georgia with plans to expand credit to other states soon.

About Volery Capital Partners

Volery Capital is a private equity firm that invests in financial services companies addressing climate change or economic inclusion. Volery makes growth equity investments in sub-sectors including asset management, specialty and consumer finance, insurance and benefits, and related business services and technologies. Volery’s investments will be thematically focused within energy transition, resource efficiency, education and workforce development, and financial inclusion and well-being. For more information, visit www.volerycapital.com.

About Buckle

Buckle is the inclusive digital financial services company serving the rising middle class and providers to the gig economy. Using a portfolio of technologies and data sources, Buckle provides insurance and credit products to those who earn less than the average American wage and are subsequently penalized for having poor or no credit. Connect with Buckle on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit www.buckleup.com.

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The Dr. Reddy Family Foundation: An Over View of a Charitable Cause

The Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation has been involved with numerous community-based activities since its inception in 1986. It began life as the Desert Valley Charitable foundation soon after the establishment of the Desert Valley Hospital. Since then, it has been funding free clinics and quality care delivery for people unable to afford it.

What distinguishes the Dr. Prem Reddy family foundation is its unified vision of impacting healthcare with quality treatment at one end of the spectrum and support for medical education at the other. Dr. Prem Reddy has always been a passionate advocate of learning and education, and through the foundation, he has managed to breathe life into his vision for greater learning in medicine.

Unlocking the Potential of Quality Education

The Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation offers a prestigious scholarship program to aid students of the High Desert area of Southern California to pursue careers in medical science. The scholarship program is also open to the Inland Empire students enrolled in educational programs that lead to a career in healthcare. The Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation has funded over $1 million to aspirants since its inception in 1994. The foundation awards to close to 60 students enrolled in educational programs that lead to a career in healthcare.

Propagating Knowledge

The Dr. Reddy Family foundation runs state-of-the-art public health libraries comprising medical journals, textbooks, video libraries, and more. These libraries are avant-garde facilities designed to nurture the mind of thinkers. Students from various community colleges are free to visit the library and pursue their interests and academic requirements. The libraries under the Dr. Prem Reddy Family foundation also arrange student tours to help students garner valuable insights that enhance their understanding of the US healthcare industry.

Community Service

The foundation has been involved in a wide variety of simple but vital tasks that make a world of difference in people’s lives. Clean water initiatives, vaccination programs, the establishment of clinics, and health check-up workshops are some of them. Besides local and state-wide initiatives, the foundation has also made its presence felt globally with medical missions to treat cataracts, pediatric diseases, and the delivery of medicines. The foundation has been active in over 30+ countries in Africa, Asia, and North America.

The foundation supports diverse charitable causes such as ‘Access to Healthcare in Nevada’. Such non-profit medical programs provide protective medical coverage for the working class segments in specific areas of the United States.

The Prime Healthcare Foundation

Like the Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation, the Prime Healthcare Foundation is another charitable organization involved with community activities. Despite being a separate entity, it deserves a mention to express just how prosperous Dr. Reddy’s vision for society is.

The Prime Healthcare Foundation is fuelled by over $1billion in assets, mostly donated by Dr. Reddy and his family. It was conceptualized in 2001 and has grown exponentially since then, just like Prime Healthcare to become a core component of the California community.

The Prime Healthcare Foundation has been recognized by healthcare data research entities such as IBM Watson Health and The Leapfrog Group for its enterprising community activities

Charitable Partnerships

The Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation has many strategic partners with specialized charitable organizations. These partnerships were conceived to uplift the community of the High Desert and Inland Empire regions. Among the notable names recognized worldwide, the foundation has joined hands with Make a wish, Samaritan’s Purse, and Northern Nevada Hopes, to name a few.

Dr. Reddy’s vision for business and charity is commensurate, making him an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and medical professionals. The Dr. Reddy Family Foundation is an embodiment of the heart doctor’s commitment to his community.


Animation International Turkey Starts Their New Youtube Channel: Kondosan English

The channel includes not only classical fairy tales such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, but also new and surprising series filled with fun characters. Kids from all around the world can now safely watch the quality content created by KONDOSAN English.

KONDOSAN English offers:

• Safe, quality and educational content

• The most popular fairy tales and stories

• New and fun series

• Cartoons suitable for all ages

• Engaging characters

About Animation International Turkey:

Animation International Limited (AIL) got started in Japan and has expanded its business to 13 countries over the years to become one of the leading licensing companies in the media sector. Continuing to further its global vision to hundreds of people under the leadership of its founder, Hiroshi Kondo, AIL has worked in collaboration with reputable companies such as Turner, Viacom, 7Eleven, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, McDonald’s, and KFC.

Operating in all aspects of media, from publishing to licensing and merchandising to production, AI-Turkey has become a strong YouTube project producer and distributor (content creator and network).

As the youngest member of this big family, AI-Turkey is excited to represent the innovative aspect of the sector. Having invested in many digital fields, AI-Turkey strengthens the connection with the European and American markets as the westernmost end of the group.