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North Carolina Music Artist 6IX LXNER drops his new soundtrack ‘Overwhelmed’ that holds tight to the listener’s attention with its interesting Alt-Rock dimensions.

Greensboro, North Carolina Sep 22, 2021 (  – The Alt-Rock scene has encountered numerous artists who have eclectic music styles and have evolved through the ranks of the genre to establish a permanent mark. Growing through all pods and quickly receiving the attention of the audience for his original style and sound, artist 6IX LXNER has planted his potential in the forum as the singer explores the vast genre landscapes to completely immerse his fans. Creatively mighty with no repetitive sound, the North Carolina Music Artist possesses a beautiful vocal style that makes his soundscapes stand out effortlessly. The charm in his voice coupled with the musical intricacies fascinates the audience almost immediately and the singer thereby encloses them with his warm, hearty compositions.

This season, the singer has dropped a new single titled ‘Overwhelmed’ that makes for an appropriate depiction of his stunning melodic qualities. The artist delivers with emotion and pulls out the best of Alt-rock’s scene to serve his name as a refreshing singer. Progressing with a soft yet impactful vocal line, the track blends catchy pop harmonies with electric guitars and polished tunes to envelop the attention at once. His vocal strength reminds that there are still very few artists who follow their heart to direct their creativity. Jammed with the classic Alt-rock essence while retaining the favor of contemporary sounds, the song makes for an addictive listen after just one play. The consistent plunge of guitars intertwined with the catchy drum beats elevates the music build up and the singer lends his magnetic vocals to make the journey enriching.

6IX LXNER drives with nothing but genuine emotion to share his amazing storyline. The song sounds fully energized and the singer’s blissful and hopeful singing ability allows the gritty subject to quickly connect. The track ‘Overwhelmed’ explodes into the scene with a fast-paced sound arrangement and soon picks up the momentum to remind everyone of the true essence of the genre. The singer blends fantastic punk-rock, pop, rock, and grunge sound to frame the track and injects enough emotion to paint vivid imagery. Listeners are bound to enjoy the musical journey as the artist gives an interesting pleasure to escape into. Hear out the full song on Soundcloud and Spotify, follow him on Instagram for more details.

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