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Awesome Architecture of Lepakshi Temple |

Lepakshi Temple in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh is famous worldwide for hanging pillars. The exterior of the temple has a huge dance hall with 70 stone pillars on the roof. One corner pillar is the famous Hanging Pillar which does not touch the floor of the temple at all and there is a small gap between the temple floor and the base of the pillar which gives the impression of a hanging pillar. There is a dance pavilion in the center of the temple. It is said that if a person lifts a cloth from one side of the pillar to the other, his wish is fulfilled. This unique pillar of the temple is a big secret for the millions of tourists who come here every year.

According to the legend, Lord Rama came here during his exile along with Lakshmana and Sita. The village is also considered as the place where Jatayu fell after Ravana was injured while being kidnapped by Ravana. Lord Rama and Lakshmana find Sita injured and Jatayu dying and Jatayu informs them of the fight to tell them that Ravana had gone south. Lord Rama then embraced him as shi le pakshi, hence the name of the village.

Le Pakshi is a Telugu word meaning shi arises, bird ‘. The temple is said to have footprints of Lord Sri Rama, while many believe it to be the footprint of Mother Sita. It is believed that after Jatayu was injured, Sita came to the ground and left her footprint and assured her that the water here would continue to give life to Jatayu until Lord Rama came here. There is a wonderful Shivalinga located here, Ramalingeshwar, which was established by Lord Rama himself after the funeral of Jatayu. Another Shivling nearby is Hanumanalingeshwar. It is said that after Shree Rama, Mahabali Hanuman also established Lord Shiva here.

According to mythological beliefs, this temple was built by sage Agastya. But according to historians, the temple was built in 1583 by two brothers (Virupanna and Viranna), who worked for the king of Vijayanagara. This temple is built for Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Virabhadra. There are also different temples of the three Gods here. There is a large Nagling statue in the temple complex, which is made of a single stone. It is believed to be the largest Nagling statue of India, whose statue is made of black granite stone, with seven hood snakes carving on top of a Shivling.

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Blingvine announces Giveaway contest on its Social Media pages

Blingvine, the premium fashion Jewelry online brand in India, has recently announced a 4-week product giveaway contest on its social media platforms (majorly Instagram page @blingvine) on 5th Oct 2020. The contest unveils a special giveaway product every Monday and the winner is announced every Saturday. The winner is awarded the giveaway product of the week. The contest has received an overwhelming response since the first day.

The first and second week winners were Ms. Vidya Hugar and Ms. Sakshi Sitlani respectively. The winner were presented with the jewellery of the week which were also the giveaway contest prizes. The first week winner won Aquamarine Necklace Set while the second week winner won Pink Potion Necklace Set. The giveaway contest is still in succession and will end on 31st Oct 2020.

According to a senior marketing executive, “We wanted to reward our audience that was regularly interacting with us over social media and other platforms as well. The consistent praises and testimonials swayed us to organize such an event where our audience feel special and elated. We have been organizing some of the other campaigns for the sake of it but it was the first time this year that we decided to run a giveaway contest to compensate for the massive love we have been receiving from our incredible visitors and customers. We want to be really honest and sincere and will be rewarding the best performer of the tasks assigned.”

The contest is open for all the Indian residents. To participate in the contest, one needs to visit the Instagram page of Blingvine (@blingvine) and follow the page. Every giveaway has a different set of tasks which is described in the caption of the giveaway post. With two more weeks remaining and the festive season approaching, people are more excited than ever to win the giveaway.

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Grant Napear Uses CrowdQuestion Over Twitter For Podcast Q&A

CrowdQuestion announced today that long-time NBA play-by-play announcer and radio personality Grant Napear is exclusively using their platform to field questions he is answering on his podcast. Podcast listeners can ask Grant questions and vote on questions they would like answered on the podcast.

“I’ve been a fan of Grant’s since the age of seven, so it is extremely exciting to be connecting Grant with his crowd of listeners.” says Riley Moore, CEO at CrowdQuestion. “Grant’s podcast has been highly anticipated, and we are looking forward to doing our part in enhancing the quality of If You Don’t Like That.”

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Chetu, a leading custom software developer, today announced the delivery of a mobile booking engine application for its customer, PRVT®, a private aviation charter company. Chetu created a solution to meet PRVT’s demand for a cross-platform app solution combining web and mobile capabilities to provide client-facing access to up-to-date flight options, the ability to manage trips, secure amenities at partner destinations, and connect with trip managers, along with full Avinode® marketplace integration for PRVT employees to manage accounts and generate reports for improved business intelligence and compliance.

While COVID has not adversely affected private aviation charters in the same way it has commercial operators, customers struggle with clunky, web-based solutions for bookings and account management, or rely on human operators to assist by telephone, which is often inconvenient, inefficient, and frustrating.

“Today’s customers deserve an easy, intuitive, and secure mobile booking and experience management system they can access on computers, tablets and smartphones,” said Jason Firestone, Vice President of Sales at PRVT. “We knew what we wanted and are gratified by Chetu’s project management, creative force and expertise in delivering an exceptional product.”

“Although the client’s development team was based around the globe, we used locally-based project managers, and experts in back-end hospitality and aviation technology to create a seamless and well-communicated development process to deliver a fully-integrated industry-specific application that will advance PRVT in the private chartering field,” said Harish Palaniappan, director of operations at Chetu.

About Chetu:

A leader in GDS and booking engine development, Chetu creates industry-specific solutions to enhance its clients’ technological capabilities. Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global provider of software development solutions and support services for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 companies. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, Chetu has fourteen locations around the globe. For more information or a consultation, please visit

About PRVT:

PRVT is a boutique private aviation company that delivers to its customers luxury aviation charters that combines luxury service and convenience. For more information, visit

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Naturopathic Doctor and CEO of AgeVital Dr. Jenny Wilkins To Moderate Nourishing Biological’s New Inside Bio Science TV Series

West Palm Beach, FL. – Dr. Jenny Wilkins, expert naturopathic doctor and researcher, will moderate an upcoming Inside Bio Science series on BINGE Networks TV. The series will feature interviews with Nourishing Biologicals founder and world-renowned surgeon Dr. George Sadowski and Director of Aesthetics and Esthetician Natalia Sadowski.

Dr. Jenny will act as moderator due to her extensive expertise in holistic healing methods and wellness products. Dr. Jenny is board-certified with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Biomedical Science with extensive experience as a practitioner, educator, and media personality. Her pharmaceutical company, ageVital (, specializes in medicinal cannabis, CBD, and Bio-identical solutions that treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses.

Dr. Jenny also authors books for both healthcare practitioners and consumers and educates the healthcare community using her research and findings for disease prevention and integrative healthcare. As a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker, she will be a valuable addition to the Inside Bio Science series.

“Throughout my career, I have never underestimated the value of education about these topics, and I like to take on any opportunity to speak about them,” says Dr. Jenny. “I admire Nourishing Biologicals’ environmentally conscious and bio-science focused mission, and I look forward to helping them inform the public through this new series,” adds Dr. Jenny.

Nourishing Biologicals also prides itself on its use of natural remedies to target the source of many skin issues. In a series of interviews with health and lifestyle professionals and influencers, Dr. George and Natalia will discuss fitness, skin regimens, mental challenges, make up and more. In an “Ask Natalia” segment, licensed Esthetician Natalia will answer popular skin care questions about subjects such as finding the right skin care regiment and what chemicals to avoid in your skin care products.

“We are always looking for opportunities to put our clients in conversation, and we knew right away that Nourishing Biologicals and Dr. Jenny were the perfect match,” says Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group. “Through their shared focus on creating holistic solutions to promote health and wellness, this dynamic duo is going to bring a really engaging and informative addition to the Inside Bio Science channel on BINGE Networks TV” adds Mazzone.

With Dr. Jenny as moderator and the experts behind Nourishing Biologicals leading these important discussions, this new Inside Bio Science series is sure to offer great insight into the power of holistically targeting a plethora of ailments. Viewers will learn valuable information about maximizing vitality and quality of life through the proven benefits of Bio-science’s natural methods.


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