Edvantic’s action on the global front of discipline-focused accreditation is quietly yet powerfully resetting the popular understanding of accreditation. This is indicated by their partnership as the exclusive global implementor of the accreditation programs of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI). It is undoubtable that Edvantic’s method of a 100% digital process ensuring zero disruption and no on-campus audit-visits of audit teams is a big attraction for universities.

In Africa and Asia alone, Edvantic is helping more than 200 institutions get their technology and computer science departments accredited by global leaders in data science and artificial intelligence standards. In one shot, these institutions that only had local audiences and reach, are now getting global support and acknowledgement for their standards of education, raising the employability of their students to global levels.

Edvantic is making powerful changes in the accreditation space on a global scale and is expanding the scope of accreditation beyond traditional disciplines. Using its globally distributed ecosystem, Edvantic is helping universities of all hues and sizes in Asia, Africa and Middle East get departments accredited by global standards bodies like the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) and the Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) with objective, no-fuss, non-disruptive and speedy implementation of knowledge standards and audit processes.

Edvantic’s model is simple, but demands an extremely large apparatus to make things happen. It deploys its unique digital backbone and relationships with international certification bodies to get the very best knowledge and education delivery standards across disciplines to flow into local, small and niche universities at great speed, convenience and RoI.

Edvantic’s assimilation of CredForce into its fold has helped the company greatly in rapidly expanding its overall capabilities and reach a point where it is virtually setting up a whole new industry around Accreditation. This is critical because Edvantic manages front- and back-end business operations including logistics, customer experience management, publishing, testing, billing and invoicing for its client certification bodies.

“We are seeing education around the world change and evolve very rapidly,” says Aariya Goel, VP of Global Education Initiatives at Edvantic. “Our goal is to empower education institutions and their students for greater success, and we think discipline focused accreditation is one of the best ways we can do that right now. We’re happy to be helping so many institutions come out of these tumultuous times with this upgrade,” Goel continued. In a post-Covid world, when universities need to overcome the threat of reducing student volumes and upgrade learning experiences, strategies like departmental accreditation are becoming essential, and Edvantic is gearing itself to meet the demand.

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