Unauthorised Construction at 16 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar

Unauthorized construction is a major problem in Delhi. One recent example of such construction can be found on the ground floor of 16 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, where a building has been constructed without the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities. The building obtained a completion certificate in 1980s and subsequent construction cannot be done without extensive approval after an audit of the building by the structural engineer.

Sunil Dwivedi, in yellow shirt, the engineer performing the construction

The floor in question is owned by one Mr. Jayakumar Ramachandran Nair, the Chairman of the so-called Swaraj Foundation, who currently stays at E9/22 Vasant Vihar. He is trying to extend his floor in violation of the building codes and regulations that govern construction in the area. He has encroached upon the public spaces including the driveway, the rear verandah, and other areas.  He claims a close association with the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah. It seems that he was motivated by a desire to profit from the sale or rental of the space.

The consequences of unauthorized construction are many and varied. First and foremost, such construction poses a risk to public safety. Buildings that are constructed without proper permits or inspections may be structurally unsound, which could lead to collapse or other accidents. The contractor has broken the main load-bearing wall and there is a possibility that the entire structure may collapse. In addition, this unauthorized construction has damaged the water and sanitation facilities in the building.

On being suggested by the journalist that as per the norms, the engineer should display the sanctioned plans of the building at the construction site, the said Sunil Dwivedi boasted about the political and police connections of Mr. Iyer. He challenged the residents to complain and said that no action will be taken. He also said that if Mr. Iyer says, he will also construct on the road.

In the case of 16 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, local authorities have been notified of the unauthorized construction and have to take urgent steps to address the issue including sealing the floor and putting the goons behind bars. The owner and builder of the building will likely face fines or legal action for their actions.

It is important that authorities take a strong stance against unauthorized construction in order to protect public safety and prevent the negative consequences that can result from such activities. This requires a commitment to the enforcement of building codes and regulations, as well as the establishment of a culture of compliance among builders and developers.


Controversies around Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping, the current President of the People’s Republic of China, has been involved in several controversies during his time in office. Some of the major controversies surrounding Xi Jinping include:

  1. Human Rights Abuses: Xi Jinping has been criticized for overseeing a crackdown on human rights in China, including the repression of ethnic and religious minorities, such as Tibetans and Uighur Muslims. There have been reports of widespread human rights abuses, including forced labor, mass detention, and widespread surveillance.
  2. Corruption: Xi Jinping has launched a widespread anti-corruption campaign during his time in office, which has been criticized by some as being politically motivated. Some have accused Xi of using the campaign to target his political rivals and consolidate his power.
  3. Economic Reforms: Xi Jinping’s economic reforms have been the subject of criticism and controversy. Some have argued that the reforms have not gone far enough in addressing the structural problems facing the Chinese economy, while others have criticized the reforms for causing social and economic dislocation.
  4. Foreign Policy: Xi Jinping’s foreign policy has also been the subject of controversy. He has been accused of pursuing an increasingly assertive and aggressive foreign policy, particularly in the South China Sea, which has led to increased tensions with the United States and other countries in the region.
  5. COVID-19 Response: Xi Jinping has faced criticism for his government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have accused the Chinese government of initially covering up the outbreak and failing to take adequate measures to contain its spread, which led to the rapid spread of the virus globally.

These are just a few of the major controversies surrounding Xi Jinping. As the leader of one of the world’s largest and most influential countries, his actions and decisions have a major impact on the global community, and as such, he remains a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.

Narendra Modi’s link with Adani Group

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, has been associated with the Adani Group, one of India’s largest conglomerates, since his time as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Adani Group has been involved in various infrastructure and energy projects in Gujarat, which was Modi’s home state when he was the Chief Minister.

Critics have alleged that the Adani Group has benefited from Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister and his current role as the Prime Minister, citing instances of favorable policy changes and land acquisition practices that have benefitted the company. The Adani Group, however, has denied these allegations, stating that it has received no special treatment from the government.

The link between Modi and the Adani Group has been a matter of political and public discourse, with some seeing it as a symbol of crony capitalism, while others view it as a sign of Modi’s pro-business stance. Regardless, the relationship between Modi and the Adani Group remains a subject of much controversy and speculation.

Adani controversy in Australia

The Adani controversy refers to a series of debates and legal battles surrounding the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine project in Queensland, Australia. The project, owned by Indian multinational conglomerate Adani Group, has been a source of contention due to its potential environmental impact and the significant amount of government support it has received.

The proposed Carmichael mine, which would be one of the largest coal mines in the world, has faced opposition from environmental groups, indigenous communities, and concerned citizens who argue that it would cause significant harm to the Great Barrier Reef, contribute to climate change, and harm local water resources. The mine’s close proximity to the reef, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, has also raised concerns about its potential impact on the delicate ecosystem.

In addition to these environmental concerns, the Adani mine has been the subject of controversy due to the significant amount of government support it has received. This includes tax breaks, loan guarantees, and fast-tracked approvals, which some argue is disproportionate and shows favoritism towards the company. The government’s support for the project has been a source of controversy and has led to criticism from environmental groups and political opposition.

Despite these controversies, the Adani mine project has received support from some quarters, including the mining industry and the government. Proponents argue that the mine will create jobs, boost the economy, and provide a reliable source of energy for India. They also argue that the project has been subject to rigorous environmental assessments and that all necessary precautions will be taken to minimize its impact.

The Adani controversy is a complex and multi-faceted issue that has sparked intense debate and legal battles. While some see it as a crucial source of jobs and economic growth, others view it as an environmental disaster in the making. Ultimately, the decision to proceed with the project will have significant ramifications for Australia, its environment, and the global community, and it is a matter that requires careful consideration and evaluation.

In conclusion, the Adani controversy highlights the ongoing debate over the balancing of economic development and environmental protection. It also raises important questions about the role of government in supporting and regulating large development projects, and the responsibilities of corporations in protecting the environment and communities they operate in.

Drunk Businessman smashes his Audi SUV near a famous Play School in South Delhi

Delhi roads, infamous for incidents like the BMW hit and run case, witnessed another scary incident. A businessman named Subhash Chandar Wadhwa smashed his Audi SUV near Little Pearls Play School, at posh Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Luckily the school timings were over, otherwise, a grave situation may have arisen.

Neighbours and passersby believe that the culprit Subhash Chander Wadhwa, resident of 17 Pashchimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, was in an inebriated state, probably under the influence of alcohol or some drug. He didn’t seem to be in his senses. Many people who stood in the vicinity had a narrow escape, as the speed of the car was extremely fast and totally out of control.

A tree saved many lives, as the SUV was smashed into the neighbour’s car parked nearby and then into the tree. The extent of the impact is clearly visible from the image of the car.

Vikas Ahuja, an automobile enthusiast said “Faster cars, with powerful engines should be handled more carefully and responsibly. But practically, it is seen as exactly the opposite, especially on Delhi roads. People think they are the kings on the road when driving such cars.

Strict penal action should be taken against such culprits, who can be a threat to others’ safety by their irresponsible behaviour. Usually, they are repeat offenders and go scot-free with their money and power.”

The video footage of the incident shows how this culprit was driving his car in the residential area, which has many young children. He must be very well aware of the danger since his house is right next to Little Pearls School. He also did not report the accident to the police, as is mandatory as per the new guidelines.

The video of the incident has been accessed by our reporter and the authenticity of this news report has been verified. It will be shared with law enforcement authorites when requested.

International Online Cheating Scam by Chinese Busted by Delhi Police but is still active

With the arrest of two persons a case of scam by inducement to invest money online in Wine and Spice market has been worked out by District Cyber Cell, South-East District, New Delhi.



On the complaint received on Cyber Portal of Ministry of Home Affairs, a case was registered at PS Badarpur and the investigation was taken up by Cyber Cell South East District. In his complaint, the complainant stated that he met one of the accused persons, allegedly a South Korean national, on the dating app ‘Tinder’. He was promised huge returns on his investment and initially more than 20% returns were given to him in a short-span of 3-4 days on his investment of Rs 5,000/-. He was asked to visit and make account on the website namely www.h20.gbull.shop  (This was later changed to www.s67.ecoffee.fun and has now been changed mapped to a new domain name www.vip.newgas.club). The money was got deposited by the accused persons in 04 separate accounts of different companies.


After a technical investigation, on01.07.2021, coordinated raids were conducted at Secundrabad, Telangana and at Sector 23, Gurugram, Haryana. Accused Kondala Subhash, who is one of the Directors of M/s Golden Mark Technologies Private Limited and authorized signatory of the bank account was arrested by SI Chander Shekhar and his team, comprising of HC Rajender and Ct Naveen from Secundrabad and accused Nagaraju Karmanchi, who was in touch with masterminds and also operated the bank accounts as per their directions was arrested by Insp. Sandeep Panwar and his team comprising of SI Subhash Chander, HC Ashok Kumar, Ct. Brahm Prakash fromGurugram, Haryana. The whole operations were being run under the leadership of ACP Umesh Barthwal, ACP-Operations, South-East District, and overall supervision of Sh. Surendra Choudhary, Addl.DCP-I, South-East, New Delhi.

During the investigation, it was revealed that accused Nagaraju Karmanchi created at least 10 different companies whose bank accounts were used by Chinese nationals and he is still in touch with them and presently also working as Dummy Director in an online short term loan company namely M/s Rotter Pay Technologies Private Limited on a monthly salary of Rs 01Lakh and that whose real owners are Chinese nationals. He had worked in the same way before in a company that ran the application CashMama, where after his resignation as operations manager the then CEO of a company was arrested by Hyderabad Police in a Short term Loan app case. Nagaraju Karmanchi used to help/work as per directions of Chinese nationals in operations of fake bank accounts and operated many on their instructions, not only accounts he provided but many other also were operated by him. That he has purchased USDT CryptoCurrency worth crores INR in various transactions through cryptocurrency and illegal means.


                On sustained interrogation, accused Nagaraju disclosed that he has studied up to 10th Class. After which he did Diploma in computer science. Accused Nagaraju did various jobs from Telecaller to Operations Manager in BPO Sector. In 2017, he joined a company running online short-term loan applications and came in contact with Chinese nationals, later on, he joined another such company which was closed down in Aug 2020. He was contacted by the same Chinees national Vendy whom he met earlier and further introduced to another Chinese national Luo and was asked to create a company in India. The deal with Vendy and Luo was that he would get 2-3 Lakh as one time payment for opening of the company and its bank accounts. They would also pay a monthly salary of Rs 25000/- per director and Rs 30,000/- as salary to the accused. Nagaraju was overseeing everything and for sending them OTP (One Time Passwords) received on the registered mobile number of Bank accounts. He used to provide net banking details i.e. username and password to Vendy or Luo immediately after creation of bank account. From July 2020 to Till Date, he has got created 10 companies for the Chinese nationals. Presently he was working in RotterPay TechnologiesPrivate Limited operating from Gurugram, HR, and operating application‘TakaCash’ and ‘RupeeLoan’ both are online short-term loan applications. He had also given the various personal savings bank accounts of his known person to Luo to be used. Luo directed him to purchase USDT Coin on Crypto Currency and then transfer the USDT purchased to the Address given by him. He used to get 2%commission on the total amount of USDT purchased and transferred. Apart from the companies he got created, Luo had asked him to log into Bank account of other companies using the net banking details provided by him and purchase USDTfrom Crypto Currency Exchange using the funds lying in that account. That he has purchased and transferred total USDT Coins to the tune of Rs 4 Crores for Luo.

Thereafter, accused Kondala Subhashdisclosed that he has studied up to 12th class and started working in BPO Sector. While working in a major IT company he came in contact with accused Nagaraju Karmanchi. Nagaraju asked him to be a Director in a firm being run by him and offered him a monthly salary.



  1. Thirty mobile phones
  2. Seven laptops
  3. One CPU
  4. Two Hard Disks
  5. Fifty SIM Cards, Seven separate SIM card packets (apart from SIM cards in mobile phones)
  6. Three stamps of Director of three different companies.
  7. Four cheque books
  8. Six debit cards



                The accused Chinese nationals contacted unsuspecting citizens through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder, etc. They assured the victim that financial markets in India are not good and if they want good returns they need to invest in Wine Market OR Spice Markets, which give good and evergreen returns. The accused share the URL of their fake websites to invest money andask victims to invest only a small amounts. They gave good returns on this small amount to the tune of more than 20% in less than one week, in their bank accounts.

                Enthralled with this the victim invests more money and sees their returns grow multifold. They are asked to enroll for a membership to get more returns. Also, if they wish to withdraw more than a threshold amount they are asked to wait for a specific time or to take a specified membership. However, when the victims could not take out the money they come to know that they have been created.

                It has come to the knowledge that the Chinese nationals have hired people like accused Nagaraj above all over India to open Private limited companies so that they would be able to open current bank accounts with high transaction capacity.             

Some bank accounts the Chinese Nationals were not able to operate in that case they direct their persons in India to purchase Crypto Currency mainly USDT on Binance Exchange (owned by a Chinese national, however now being operated from out of China) using Peer 2 Peerpurchase, using the cheated funds and transfer the Crypto Currency to theirgiven Crypto Address. The money is also being routed out of India through Shellcompanies. The transactions in those companies are being monitored.

The members of this Investment CheatingScam are been identified and raids continue all over India to bust this entire syndicate to identify the trail of siphoned money and shell companies


  1. Accused Nagaraju Karmanchi s/o Late Sh. Revanasidda Karmanchi R/o Sector 23, Gurugram, Haryana. age 31 yrs has previously worked for Chinese companies. Currently, he was managing the bank accounts of his Chinese bosses. No previous involvement has been found against him.
  2. Accused Kondala Subash s/o Kondala Ramarao R/o Syndicate Bank Colony, Malikarjun Nagar, Old Bowenpally, Secundrabad, Telangana. age 31 yrs is currently working as director of MS Golden mark technologies private Ltd. No previous involvement has been found against him.


As of date, the scammers were still active and were contacting random Indian nationals from the internet. They will have profiles with attractive profile pictures and will try to seduce or attract unsuspecting people.

Above is one of the images being used by the Chinese Nationals. It is perhaps flicked off the internet of some other unsuspecting person. One of the numbers being used for the scammers is +60 11-2722 5893.