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Rohit Sardana dies of COVID-19

Popular TV Anchor Rohit Sardana has passed away today. He was suffering from COVID-19 and also had cardiac issues. The exact cause of death is not yet clear but it looks more like a combination of the two. Till yesterday, he was tweeting and retweeting messages of people to help them get assistance from the authorities during this terrible pandemic. 

Rajdeep Sardesai said, “Rohit and I had differing political views but always enjoyed debating without any rancour. We did a show one night that finished at 3 am (think it was SC verdict on Karnataka) after which he said, ‘boss aaj maza aa gaya!’ He was a passionate anchor journalist. RIP Rohit Sardana.”

Senior India Today journalist and anchor Rahul Kanwal said “Rohit Sardana was the sharpest young anchor I have met. Superb command over Hindi, brilliant with his turn of the phrase, precise questions, clear in his thinking, loved by the masses, warm and humble off the screen, he was destined for great things. Our newsroom is in deep shock.”

The social media managers of PM Modi and Amit Shah also shared condolence tweets on their behalf. 

#ModiMustResign is trending on twitter

#ModiMustResign is the latest hashtag that is highly trending on twitter. It seems that the Prime Minister is falling from grace with his handling of the current pandemic situation. Many have made a mockery of the comments by the minister. On being asked specifically, they said that Modi’s attitude at this time, more than anything else,is dispeasing them. He has expressed no regret and has shown no compassion to thousands dying everyday due to COVID-19. 

Here are some of these tweets:


Many were too gory to post. For a party that has come to power by social media investment and branding, this must come as an eye opener that it must perform now. 

After endless obstructions, Delhi Police now starts a dedicated lane for Emergency Vehicles in the lockdown

Delhi is finding the current lockdown extremely perplexing. There are numerous roads that have been closed using chained and locked iron barriers. These include Chirag Delhi to Sheikh Sarai Road, S Block Panchsheel Park Road, several roads in Patel Nagar, Nilothi to Hastsal Road and others. They have also setup barriers across the city. With numerous emergency calls due to the sheer magnitude of emergencies due to government failure in mananging COVID-19, these obstructions and diversions have apparently been responsible for multiple delays and possible deaths.

One citizen had commented, “Is the police trying to end COVID-19 by confusing the virus which way to take with these diversions?” Obviously that’s not the intention, the intention is perhaps to divert traffic to barriers where police can check for their passes. However, it has done nothing but created confusion. 

Delhi Police has now setup dedicated lanes for ambulences where they can smoothly pass through without need to be obstructed for police checks. This is a welcome step to help emergency vehicles move more smoothly. 


Prostitution racket in Munirka, New Delhi

There is growing prostitution racket in Munirka. There are multiple prostitutes that solicit the customers from around 11:00pm onwards at Munirka red-light near Vasant Vihar Depot and adjoining areas. It is quite sad to see that it is the same area where the infamous Nirbhaya kand had happened which caused a national shame for the country. The racket started during the first lockdown and continuing now. Everytime you see a police PCR moving-by, you would think that there would be an action taken against them but it has never happened.

It seems to be in connivance with certain policemen who tend to look away. Infact, the residents have reported policemen talking these prostitutes openly. During the lockdown, Delhi Police is supposed to enforce a curfew but it seems that for them these are essential workers are exempted from lockdown. 

A complaint in this regard was also made to Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police on October 18, 2020 but no action has been taken. The acknowledgement says, “Respected Sir/Madam
Thanks for your E-mail. Your E-mail has been acknowledged by Commissioner of Police, Delhi and the same has been referred to the Joint Commissioner of Police/New Delhi Range (his office telephone No. 23469524 and E-mail ID is for further necessary action Vide Dy. No. is 76973/E-mail dated 21.10.2020.,”

However, the racket has been continuing unabated. 

BigBasket Hack – company scraps password authentication

With the massive data trove available freely on the web, BigBasket has done something to secure its users. While it has done nothing to notify its users of the breach, it has quietly disabled the password authentication. The fields leaked in the database included:

id, created_on, updated_on, created_by_id, updated_by_id, email, password, first_name, last_name, dob, photo, is_staff, is_active, is_superuser, last_login, registered_ip, last_logged_ip, date_joined, hub_id, address2, zipcode, location, mobile_no, phone_no, activation_key, oac_code, news_status, about_us, address1, city, is_mapped, is_validated, area, is_cashback_eligible, apin, pin, validated_email, validated_mobile_no, validated_address, manual_override_hub, member_type_id, cookie_value, week_id, mapped_on, residential_complex, mapped_by_id, landmark, city_id, last_order_id, date_of_first_order, date_of_last_order, num_of_orders, first_order_id, maximum_order_delivered_value, total_order_orig_value, total_order_orig_num_items, total_order_delivered_num_items, total_order_invoice_value, total_order_delivered_value, maximum_order_invoice_value, total_order_delivered_num_qty, total_order_orig_num_qty, email_domain, credit, total_store_brand_order_value, channel, total_fv_order_value, last_fv_order_date, last_meat_order_date, last_store_brand_order_date, total_meat_order_value, source_id, ref_id, email2, phone_no2, password_changed_time, is_mobile_no_validated, is_email_validated

It was leaked by a user with the details below on a popular hacking website for free.

To counter this leak, BigBasket has just disabled password authentication and will only use OTP. However, what to talk about the safety of private information of over 2 crore users (including the author)?


It is time that these giant companies also do something for data protection and own-up to their responsibility. 

Hong Kong – Unauthorised website and phishing email related to Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:
     The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) wishes to alert members of the public to a press release issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited on unauthorised website and phishing email, which has been reported to the HKMA. Hyperlink to the press release is available on the HKMA website for ease of reference by members of the public.
     Anyone who has provided his or her personal information to the website or email concerned or has conducted any financial transactions through the website or email should contact the bank concerned using the contact information provided in the press release, and report to the Police or contact the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force at 2860 5012.