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Delhi is finding the current lockdown extremely perplexing. There are numerous roads that have been closed using chained and locked iron barriers. These include Chirag Delhi to Sheikh Sarai Road, S Block Panchsheel Park Road, several roads in Patel Nagar, Nilothi to Hastsal Road and others. They have also setup barriers across the city. With numerous emergency calls due to the sheer magnitude of emergencies due to government failure in mananging COVID-19, these obstructions and diversions have apparently been responsible for multiple delays and possible deaths.

One citizen had commented, “Is the police trying to end COVID-19 by confusing the virus which way to take with these diversions?” Obviously that’s not the intention, the intention is perhaps to divert traffic to barriers where police can check for their passes. However, it has done nothing but created confusion. 

Delhi Police has now setup dedicated lanes for ambulences where they can smoothly pass through without need to be obstructed for police checks. This is a welcome step to help emergency vehicles move more smoothly.