Delhi roads, infamous for incidents like the BMW hit and run case, witnessed another scary incident. A businessman named Subhash Chandar Wadhwa smashed his Audi SUV near Little Pearls Play School, at posh Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Luckily the school timings were over, otherwise, a grave situation may have arisen.

Neighbours and passersby believe that the culprit Subhash Chander Wadhwa, resident of 17 Pashchimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, was in an inebriated state, probably under the influence of alcohol or some drug. He didn’t seem to be in his senses. Many people who stood in the vicinity had a narrow escape, as the speed of the car was extremely fast and totally out of control.

A tree saved many lives, as the SUV was smashed into the neighbour’s car parked nearby and then into the tree. The extent of the impact is clearly visible from the image of the car.

Vikas Ahuja, an automobile enthusiast said “Faster cars, with powerful engines should be handled more carefully and responsibly. But practically, it is seen as exactly the opposite, especially on Delhi roads. People think they are the kings on the road when driving such cars.

Strict penal action should be taken against such culprits, who can be a threat to others’ safety by their irresponsible behaviour. Usually, they are repeat offenders and go scot-free with their money and power.”

The video footage of the incident shows how this culprit was driving his car in the residential area, which has many young children. He must be very well aware of the danger since his house is right next to Little Pearls School. He also did not report the accident to the police, as is mandatory as per the new guidelines.

The video of the incident has been accessed by our reporter and the authenticity of this news report has been verified. It will be shared with law enforcement authorites when requested.