tde expands tLC HD connector with locking aid

Dortmund/Germany, October 31st, 2019. tde trans data elektronik GmbH has further developed its proven LC HD connector: from now on, the connector integrates a locking aid in addition to the unlocking aid. For this purpose, the network expert has equipped the connector with a new push-pull functionality. At the same time, tde has designed the push-pull tabs to be more stable and thus prevents damage due to improper handling. Network technicians can apply colour coding to the tabs to identify different services. The tLC HD connector is available in various versions.

Even faster and easier to assemble: tde launches an advanced LC HD connector to the market. Thanks to the new push-pull functionality, the connector locks automatically as soon as network technicians insert it into the port. A short pull on the integrated unlocking aid is all that is required to release the connector. To prevent damage due to improper handling, tde has also designed the unlocking and locking aid to be more stable. Even in its new version, the tLC HD connector with push-pull tab takes up less space than conventional LC connectors. The tLC HD connector still has a shorter plug length of 15 mm measured from the adapter. Network technicians can attach colour codings to the push-pull tabs to identify different services.

Simplest handling – highest packing density

“The new tLC HD connectors offer a high packing density with a compact design and impress with their convenient handling,” says Andre Engel, Managing Director of tde – trans data elektronik GmbH.

Especially in connection with the modular tML cabling systems, the tLC HD connectors demonstrate their advantages and offer the industry’s highest packing density on the market with 96 LC duplex connectors and 192 fibres in just one height unit. The LC adapters in the tML HD module can be fitted directly on top of each other to save space. Network technicians no longer have to plan gaps for convenient handling and can make full use of the available space.

The tde offers the new tLC HD connectors preferably as UniBoot version in connection with two- and three-millimeter round cables: The optical fibres are located in a more flexible round cable and can be routed in all directions, reducing the cable volume. Alternatively, the connectors are also available as a special version in conjunction with conventional Figure 8 cables. The patch cables are available as multimode versions in the OM3, OM4 and OM5 fibre classes and as single-mode versions in the OS2 version.

The tML – tde Modular Link-System

tML is a patented, modular cabling system consisting of the three key components module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. The system components are 100 percent manufactured, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. They enable plug-and-play installation on site – especially in data centres, but also in industrial environments – within the shortest possible time. Heart of the system are the rear MPO/MTP and Telco connectors, which can be used to connect at least six or twelve ports at a time. The fibre optic and TP modules can be used together in a module carrier with a very high port density. The tde offers its tML cabling system as a proven tML standard system and in the highly innovative variants tML Xtended, tML-24 and now tML-32 for extreme scalability and very easy migration to higher transmission rates such as 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G.

FG Münster: Managing director”s salary plus pension payments does not necessarily equal hidden profit distributions

Pension payments to a shareholder with a controlling stake who also draws a managing director”s salary do not necessarily constitute hidden profit distributions according to the Finanzgericht (FG) Münster, the Fiscal Court of Münster.

If a shareholder draws an appropriate salary and additionally receives other forms of remuneration, this normally constitutes hidden profit distributions. We at the commercial law firm MTR Rechtsanwälte note that this has implications, inter alia, for the calculation of corporation tax.

Having said that, not every additional income stream gives rise to the assumption of a hidden profit distribution, as a ruling by the FG Münster from July 25, 2019 demonstrates (Az.: 10 K 1583/19 K). According to the ruling, pension payments to a shareholder with a controlling stake who also serves as managing director and draws a salary for this do not necessarily amount to hidden profit distributions.

In the instant case, the sole shareholder of the plaintiff GmbH was also its managing director until 2010. Following his removal for reasons relating to age, he received monthly pension payments from the company. In 2011, the sole shareholder was once again appointed to the position of managing director and received monthly payments for this, though these amounted to less than ten percent of the remuneration he previously received as managing director. Moreover, he continued to receive the pension payments.

The competent tax office deemed the pension payments to be hidden profit distributions and amended the relevant corporation tax notice accordingly. The GmbH brought an action against this, claiming that the sole shareholder had been reinstated as managing director for operational reasons due to the threat of order losses under his successor.

The claim was successful before the FG Münster. The concurrent payment of a managing director”s salary together with pension payments did not, in this case, constitute hidden profit distributions. The Court noted that the reinstatement of the shareholder as managing director was not originally intended and only took place in the interests of the GmbH to prevent order losses. It went on to state that the newly agreed managing director salary was not a full salary; it was only intended as a recognition of his position. The combined total of the salary and the pension payments amounted to a mere 26 percent of the previous remuneration. The FG Münster held that the pension payments were not to be viewed as an undue contribution instigated by the company and that they passed the arm”s length test. Even unrelated third parties would have approved an appointment at a low salary plus pension payments according to the Court, which granted leave to appeal to the Bundesfinanzhof, Germany”s Federal Fiscal Court.

Lawyers with experience in the field of tax law can offer advice.

Drying UV coatings with equipment from Rehm

UV coatings and UV adhesives facilitate fast hardening in just seconds, ensure short cycle times and increased production speeds and successfully connect environmental and economic benefits. There are also qualitative aspects in addition to this, such as a high level of gloss, as well as the increased durability and scratch resistance of the surface. It therefore comes as no surprise that the electronics industry is also increasingly turning to UV coatings. With the RDS UV Dryer, Rehm provides a system that has been specifically tailored to the requirements of drying UV coatings.

Declining cycle times during the coating process today require faster hardening times, which can be optimally implemented with the help of UV drying systems. Rehm Thermal Systems has responded to this trend by developing the new RDS UV Dryer, which is a system that has been specially designed for hardening UV coatings and UV adhesives with very short cycle times. With the RDS UV, Rehm provides a flexible and reliable dryer that makes the hardening process for UV coatings straightforward. Thanks to a short heating phase of just a few seconds, the system is immediately ready for use and is therefore significantly more efficient than comparable systems in terms of energy use.

In order to achieve increased cycle times, the RDS UV Dryer has been optimised with a three-part transport system. This means that two assemblies can be processed in the furnace at the same time and that the 100% traceability of any circuit board continues to be guaranteed. Furthermore, the dryer is equipped with 4-compartment technology, which guarantees that harmful UV radiation can never escape. Thanks to its compact structure, the RDS UV Dryer can be adapted flexibly to any production landscape. The UV process can be equipped with various light sources according to the customer”s wishes. Available options here include undoped mercury medium pressure lamps, doped UV lamps, UV LED fields or special lamps with specific light spectrums. This ensures maximum flexibility, as well as efficient and economical production.

RDS UV Dryer on display at productronica
The RDS UV Dryer will be exhibited at the Rehm Thermal Systems stand at the productronica trade fair in Munich, with Rehm employees on hand to answer any questions. The Rehm Thermal Systems stand can be found in Hall A4 (Stand 335). You can find more information, including about the systems to be exhibited by Rehm Thermal Systems at productronica, at

ThermTrace – a brand by HTS Global AG

HTS Global AG was founded more than 20 years ago in Switzerland by CEO Fabian de Soet. Its aim was to change the market of electric heating cables by providing heating solutions in the well-known swiss quality for any kind of heating application and since then the HTS Global AG has successfully established the brand ThermTrace in the global market, competing with other big brand names.

Over the past decade, HTS Global AG has become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of self-regulating heating cables and constant wattage heating cables, for good reason.

Working on a global scale, HTS Global AG has positioned itself with offices in Switzerland and Germany as well as in the UK and the United States to easily support their worldwide customers.

All of the technically advanced heat tracing solutions fulfill international Quality Standards for both hazardous and safe areas and they are regularly being tested. HTS Global AG and its professionally trained partners in various countries provide Marketing, Distribution and Customer Service for the entire heat tracing product range.

Being part of a Major international private equity group enables HTS to invest in product development and innovation management without any budget restrictions.

The ThermTrace series of heating tapes includes a complete collection of self-regulating products. Starting with heating cables for very small piping systems with special applications. HTS also provides high-end industrial grade cables for temperatures up to 240 degrees C.

In addition to the self-regulating cables, HTS offers constant wattage cables as well as a broad variety of accessories. ThermTrace products offer solutions for all kinds of temperature ranges and applications, says Fabian de Soet.

If you have any questions about the ThermTrace product range, Fabian de Soet and his team at HTS Global AG are happy to help, or visit the website on

Get all the benefits from working at a Business Center

Global Management Consultants AG offers well-equipped offices at their Business Center. Their headquarter is in Zug, a small town near Zurich in Switzerland and the company is run by Rieta de Soet.

Whether as a short term or a long term solution, the offices are completely equipped with a perfect office infrastructure and high qualified employees, who are happy to help with any requests and tasks, e.g. the secretaries are happy to take over your telephone handling for certain time slots and the Content Manager can give you advice on your internet performance.

This is a great solution and opportunity for any company. Whether you want to expand your business to a different country or city or start a new business from the beginning or even just wait until you find the right property for your company.

It is simple, uncomplicated and cheap. There are no launching costs, no investments and a flexible term of lease. Rieta de Soet says, the availability of offices in a Business Center is a great benefit for companies coming from abroad, because they get a helping hand from the employees who speak the local language and know the culture and costums.

Furthermore GMC offers an individual telephone service, backoffice, marketing service, translating services, conference rooms and helps building up your marketing organization.

No matter what your needs are, GMC offers a personal and professional service to absolutely amazing prices, says Dr. Fabian de Soet.