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[Berlin, 01.10.19] The new software solution for data security 2ndLock contributes to the fact that a secure and simple but military standard based file encryption and easy handling of encrypted data are absolutely possible.

This opens up entirely new opportunities to cover the need for secure data exchange in many sensitive areas. Community, employees and business partners of Symlink GmbH are impressed by their 2ndLock software solution. The Symlink GmbH website provides further details and additional information: (

The “simply as secure as possible” solution will finally be presented live at the IT Security Fair for Trends & Innovations (IT-SA) in Nuremberg in just a few days: Symlink GmbH”s new software solution bears the beautiful name 2ndLock, which was chosen for its double encryption. A first demonstration in September at the Start-up Night in Berlin impressed industry experts and visitors alike. “We are really very pleased that our solution has been so well received. Without my great team, it would not have been possible to implement our solution so quickly in so few months,” commented Daniel Kalwitzki, Managing Director of Symlink GmbH.

2ndLock offers consumers the following special benefits: absolutely secure file encryption and it”s child”s play. File encryption takes place on the user”s end device and not on external servers. Thus 2ndLock clearly stands out from other projects of a similar kind.

Daniel Kalwitzki plans to develop three editions with his team, which will go live by the end of the year. “We would like to give everyone who has a security awareness in dealing with data the opportunity to use 2ndLock to send sensitive data securely and have therefore already released a free community edition. In addition, the Paranoid and Enterprise editions with many other features will be released. Especially with regard to the IT-SA in a few days, we are looking forward to the feedback from customers, users and companies that is so important for us.

Symlink GmbH was founded in 2018 and is now an employer for 10 employees. The company is well established in the market and the new security feature offering further emphasizes the importance of 2ndLock. The head office is in Berlin.

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