Dietzenbach, Germany, 16. October 2019 – Cartonplast Group is investing in the Polish service centre location in Mysowice.

Cartonplast Poland was founded in 1987 as a company of the Cartonplast Group (CPL), headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany. CPL is Europe’s leading operator of a pool system for reusable transport plastic layer pads (PLPs) on a rental basis. Its pads are used in 20 countries to transport glass, cans and PET containers to fillers in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The company operates 17 Service Centres worldwide – one of them in Mysowice, Poland. Since 2013, this state-of-the-art service centre has been located in the Panattoni Logistic Park in Mysowice – on the border of Mysowice, Katowice and Tychy, near the A4 motorway as part of European Road 40 and the pan-European transport corridor. For supplying Polish and Eastern European customers Mysowice location is the ideal logistic starting point.

The technical design of the Polish site is tailor-made and focused on the growth of the Polish and Eastern European market to enable efficient operation and optimal storage of the PLPs. On a production area of approx. 3,400 m2, 10 million layer pads are delivered to customers, returned, inspected and cleaned – and then delivered back to the customers – every year. The modern plant is equipped with dock-level doors, and all PLPs, from the return of the fillers to the redistribution to the glassworks, are stored in the Service Centre.

Due to rising demand and increased customer volume, a second state-of-the-art “Mart 10000 washing system” was installed in February/March 2019. This will increase the annual cleaning capacity of the PLPs by 7 million to 14 million and also increase the quality level for the re-processing of the layer pads. To ensure that we are environmentally friendly for our planet, state-of-the-art water neutralisation equipment will be retrofitted to the washing system at the beginning of next year. The quality team office and laboratory are both located on the shop-floor to ensure the highest standards of our finished product are met.

“With only one cleaning system for the layer pads in our Polish Service Centre, we have reached the capacity limits for reprocessing the layer pads,” says Marek Kapusta, Managing Director Cartonplast Polska. “By installing the second washing line, we have doubled the annual washing capacity to 14 million layer pads and at the same time increased the quality level of the pool service for our customers,” adds Michael Heikenfeld, Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director Cartonplast Group.

Increasing outsourcing trend and sustainability efforts in transport packaging
The company is benefiting from a global outsourcing trend and sustainability efforts. Customers no longer need to have their own stocks of transport and packaging materials and storage space becomes available as the PLPs circulate in the external CPL pool system.
Compared to cardboard layer pads, plastic layer pads are more hygienic, safer to transport and – due to their reusability – more cost-efficient. In the coming years, Cartonplast will continue to grow through internationalization and the product range will be expanded – for example, through the additional rental of tailor-made plastic pallets especially for the glass container industry.

Cartonplast speaks all languages – Topic of outsourcing in the Polish explanatory video
In an animated explanatory format, the video explains the complex subject of outsourcing and the use of returnable transport products. The video shows how container manufacturers and bottlers benefit from outsourcing, why it saves costs, protects the environment and benefits everyone. To bring the video to an international audience, there is also an English, French, Portuguese and Brazilian version. Click here ( to go directly to the Polish video.

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