Dortmund/Germany, October 31st, 2019. tde trans data elektronik GmbH has further developed its proven LC HD connector: from now on, the connector integrates a locking aid in addition to the unlocking aid. For this purpose, the network expert has equipped the connector with a new push-pull functionality. At the same time, tde has designed the push-pull tabs to be more stable and thus prevents damage due to improper handling. Network technicians can apply colour coding to the tabs to identify different services. The tLC HD connector is available in various versions.

Even faster and easier to assemble: tde launches an advanced LC HD connector to the market. Thanks to the new push-pull functionality, the connector locks automatically as soon as network technicians insert it into the port. A short pull on the integrated unlocking aid is all that is required to release the connector. To prevent damage due to improper handling, tde has also designed the unlocking and locking aid to be more stable. Even in its new version, the tLC HD connector with push-pull tab takes up less space than conventional LC connectors. The tLC HD connector still has a shorter plug length of 15 mm measured from the adapter. Network technicians can attach colour codings to the push-pull tabs to identify different services.

Simplest handling – highest packing density

“The new tLC HD connectors offer a high packing density with a compact design and impress with their convenient handling,” says Andre Engel, Managing Director of tde – trans data elektronik GmbH.

Especially in connection with the modular tML cabling systems, the tLC HD connectors demonstrate their advantages and offer the industry’s highest packing density on the market with 96 LC duplex connectors and 192 fibres in just one height unit. The LC adapters in the tML HD module can be fitted directly on top of each other to save space. Network technicians no longer have to plan gaps for convenient handling and can make full use of the available space.

The tde offers the new tLC HD connectors preferably as UniBoot version in connection with two- and three-millimeter round cables: The optical fibres are located in a more flexible round cable and can be routed in all directions, reducing the cable volume. Alternatively, the connectors are also available as a special version in conjunction with conventional Figure 8 cables. The patch cables are available as multimode versions in the OM3, OM4 and OM5 fibre classes and as single-mode versions in the OS2 version.

The tML – tde Modular Link-System

tML is a patented, modular cabling system consisting of the three key components module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. The system components are 100 percent manufactured, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. They enable plug-and-play installation on site – especially in data centres, but also in industrial environments – within the shortest possible time. Heart of the system are the rear MPO/MTP and Telco connectors, which can be used to connect at least six or twelve ports at a time. The fibre optic and TP modules can be used together in a module carrier with a very high port density. The tde offers its tML cabling system as a proven tML standard system and in the highly innovative variants tML Xtended, tML-24 and now tML-32 for extreme scalability and very easy migration to higher transmission rates such as 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G.