International law is no longer confined to regulating relations between states. Today, it also plays an increasingly important role in business and private law.

Globalization has made the world a smaller place. Trade is conducted across national borders and cross-border business relations are the rule rather than the exception. That being said, increasing globalization and internationalization also have legal consequences that must be borne in mind for both trade and relations governed by private law, e.g., trusts and estates law.

It is in light of internationalization that companies as well as individuals find themselves facing new challenges that necessitate obtaining expert legal advice. As an international commercial law firm, we at MTR Rechtsanwälte have faced these challenges and advise our clients on a diverse range of international matters. Our comprehensive consulting services include collaborating with world-renowned law firms.

Cross-border business entails exposure to various national and international laws. Different rules and regulations need to be taken into account for a wide range of issues, from drafting contracts and establishing a subsidiary abroad to conducting international litigation or international arbitration proceedings.

Moreover, it is often initially unclear which country”s national laws are applicable in a lot of disputes, it being necessary to consider international private law (IPL) and intergovernmental agreements alike. It is equally possible for parties to contractually agree that a particular country”s national laws will apply to the entire business relationship or parts of the business.

When it comes to contract optimization, familiarity with the potential legal consequences from as early as the drafting stage is therefore crucial.

Yet international law is playing an increasingly determinative role not only in business but also private life. While this is true of marriage and divorce as well as, of course, legal access to children, it also applies to purchasing real estate abroad and inheritance cases with a foreign dimension.

International law is a complex field that affects many aspects of both business and private life. Lawyers with experience in the field of international law can offer advice.