– GTS Live Pro combines sports data glasses, tracking and HD streaming in real-time
– Precision performance data fed to athletes on smart glasses to give them an extra edge in training

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, 17 October 2019 – GTS Live Pro, the German startup founded by ex-professional jockey and professional trainer Fabian Gladigau, is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funding for the production of its real-time training system of smart glasses and biometric tracker for equestrians, cyclists, runners and other endurance athletes. Interested parties can pre-order different product variants or support the project financially.

Boost the Efficiency of Your Training with Precision Real-Time Data Delivered on Smart Glasses

GTS Live Pro is composed of smart glasses paired with a biometric tracking device that collects training data in real-time. This data is sent to an app that appears on the screen of the smart glasses worn by the athlete, or on a mobile device for coaches or trainers. Stored in the cloud, the data can also be analyzed post-training.

GTS Live Pro gives athletes the precision data they need in real-time to optimize their training so every minute of training is used efficiently. Coaches or trainers, who can also see the data, can communicate directly with the athlete to further refine their training. The prototype has been constantly tested and refined over 3 years with athletes ranging from runners to cyclists to equestrians. It is now ready for wider scale production to be financed by the Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

“From cycling to running, GTS Live Pro gives athletes that extra edge in their training. The combination of high-quality smart glasses with precise real-time tracking lets athletes and coaches precisely control the load during training and to immediately adjust it to individual needs and goals,” says Fabian Gladigau, founder and CEO of GTS Live Pro. The system is especially useful for both professional and serious amateur endurance athletes in cycling, running or riding disciplines who want to raise their performance to a new level with the help of data-controlled technology.

Crowdfunders to help influence the further development of new features

GTS Live Pro has tested its training system with prototypes over several years with professional athletes and has continuously developed it further. The next step is to involve the crowdfunding community. “My aim is to give athletes a complete smart data tracking system that helps them make the most of each and every training session,” explains Gladigau. “We will communicate with the users and incorporate their wishes into further product developments.”

Innovation from canter racing – with great potential

GTS Live Pro was originally developed as a training system for gallop racing with the aim of bringing out the best in racehorses while protecting their health. “In equestrian sports, in particular, gut instinct is the rule,” explains Fabian Gladigau. “The health of the animal can often only be guessed at. The guiding idea behind GTS Live Pro was to replace these instinctive decisions with well-founded analyses and thus make training much more efficient. What works in performance-oriented training, including sensitive horses, also proved to be extremely suitable for a wide range of purely human sports.

Download product data sheet with comprehensive product information: http://bit.ly/GTSFactSheet
Visit crowdfunding campaign page: http://bit.ly/GTSLivePro