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Global Management Consultants AG is a Business Center with its headquarter in Zug, in Switzerland. GMC AG has many years of experience and has supported numerous customers over the years, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of GMC AG.

GMC AG not only offers offices and conference rooms, but also the support of its professional staff. Customers like to take advantage of the professional advice, for example from the GMC AG Content Manager. However many companies still do not know what a Content Manager actually does.

A Content Manager, as the name implies, is responsible for content strategy and a company’s online presence.

The tasks include the planning of new websites and their implementation. If a company does not have a strong internet presence today, it can not compete with the competition. That’s why a Content Manager is responsible for the ongoing optimization of an existing platform. He also plans the image, text and multimedia content.

The specific area of responsibility depends on the respective company. While a content manager in e-commerce has a lot to do with shop maintenance, another company may focus on the blog.

Search engine optimization also belongs proportionately to his tasks. In addition, he creates website statistics and performs success measurements. It can be seen as an interface between marketing, technology and sales.