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Bormia Bio Homogenizer “The Future Has Begun”

Innovation in homogenization in industrial food processing requires new and holistic thinking. This is worthwhile, because genuine natural processes in food processing combine “Ecology & Economy” in just one process step and at the same time increase product quality. The new BORMIA® Bio Homogenizer is a further development of the BORMIA® Bio Spring Water Generator, whose effect on the organism has been certified by cell biology and biophysics. These extraordinary results are directly transferable to all product results of the Bio Homogenizer.

Costs down & quality up…

The cost/benefit optimization in food processing is mostly exhausted. However, optimization is only just beginning with the Bormia® Bio Homogenizer and the Bormia® Bio Spring Water Generator. Compared with conventional technology the devices are highly advantageous for manufacturers, retailers and consumers, means: Cost-effective and up to date process, reduces manufacturing costs through production simplification, maintenance-free, high germ stability in the product and top hygiene due to the use of the Bio Spring Water Generator for service and cleaning water, low cleaning effort with organic cleaning agents, cold and hot homogenization, new innovative products with longer shelf life, extremely environmentally friendly, no rejects, high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty due to increased food quality and product benefit…
The new Bio Homogenizer is suitable for high-quality products such as milk, whey mix drinks, soya-, rice-, almond- and oat milk, smoothies, etc… Depending on the liquids used, their particle size and fat content, the organic homogenizer produces particle sizes down to the nanometer range.

The Bio Spring Water Generator is suitable for the production for beer, wine, soft drinks and similar beverages. Advantages are (as an example):
a) Beer production: direct filling after filtration, increased extract yield (VZ 45), export beer without pasteurization
b) Lemonade production: increased taste, refreshing effect and drinking enjoyment
c) Wine blending: maximum taste symbiosis, increases the degree of ripeness after filtration
d) Juice and mixed drinks: taste symbiosis and stability

The following 2 pictures are dried water drops. They show an example of how the both devices work:
Scanning electron microscopy of tap water (Fraunhofer Institute)
Pic. left: 2 µ, water without Bormia treatment, coarse accumulations of the ingredients are visible.
Pic. right: 2 µ water with Bormia treatment… A large separation of the ingredients (minerals) is visible (see pics in original articlelinc)

The Bormia® Bio Homogenizer is a further development of the Bormia® Bio Spring Water Generator. It is the first water treatment system that works according to natural principles, is copied 1:1 from nature herself and works according to the Mini-Max principle: “Low effort & maximum yields”! The Bormia principle delivers purified, germ-stable and colloidal drinking water and transfers it to the products and their manufacturing processes. With these unusual properties, the Bormia® principle supports the simplified, stable and holistic production orientation. The extension of the best-before date is the result of this naturally oriented food technology.

Bionics is the technology of the future

Both devices belong to bionics. Bionics is not just biotechnology. Bionics is a principle copied from nature into applicable technology, which then also generates the associated natural results. The functionality of both systems for modern food processing is comparable with the human heart. It swirls the blood arterially left circulating into the body and venous right circulating back. This makes the heart a harmonizing high-performance vortex chamber with functional stability. Like the heart, the BORMIA® Bio Homogenizer and the BORMIA® Bio Spring Water Generator are built in the Golden Section. Both systems swirl both sides and create harmony. They are mirror-like, rhythmic, use pressure and vacuum moments, invert and restructure the product organically. STRUCURE creates STABILITY. Maximum bioavailability and increased product safety are partial results.

The picture below describes the Bormia® Bio Homogenizer in its individual steps.
(see pic in original article-linc)

Bormia Bio Homogenizer and Bio Spring Water Generator: Win-Win on all levels

Compared to conventional water treatment and homogenization, the Bormia® principle is a quantum leap for future problem-free food processing! It fits to this current time when retailers and consumers are demanding higher product quality. The WIN-WIN perspective through application of the Bormia® principle is positive for everyone: the manufacturer optimizes the cost structure, the trade participates through an extended shelf life and the consumer receives his increased product quality.
Both devices are usable in a permanent process and do not require a separate process step, are small, are installed in the transport pipe after the pump and – like nature – cause no create collateral damages. The Bormia® Bio Homogenizer and the Bormia® Bio Spring Water Generator are maintenance-free, operate at constant 2.5° bar and are available for small and large businesses.

Bormia® = Bionics: “Costs down & quality up”… The future has begun!

The producer provides test equipment on request and gives detailed advice on its use. Information about BORMIA® products in German and English can be given by