India has emerged as one of the leading countries in the boxing world. It is attributed to a long-standing tradition of hard work and dedication of Indian boxers for over 90 years. Many of the more recent boxers  have given consistent performances in international events for both men and women. Additionally, many junior boxers are also giving them competition for who will be able to stay at the top in the near future.  

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One of those boxers is, MC Mary Kom, a household name due to her achievements over the last 18 years in international boxing competitions. She has claimed a horde of trophies from Olympic Gold Medals to Asian and Commonwealth Games records.  Her many successes have even been the storyline of her very own biopic entitled Mary Kom, in which her role was played by the beautiful Priyanka Chopra whom you can also find on MrOwl.

Indian authorities are also taking a lot of initiatives to promote the sport. Notable amongst them National Boxing Championships that are being organized across the country and independent Selection Camps

This has allowed boxers to flourish across the country at both the amateur and professional levels. Indian boxer Vijender Singh has an unbeaten record after he has gone pro. There are many other boxers that have become household names in India as well.   

For aspiring Indian boxers, MrOwl also offers a unique opportunity to share and save more about the things they need to train successfully. They can also take a cue from Virat Kohli who has a very in-depth branch on MrOwl, where he shares his favourites on tips about health & fitness. Lastly, boxers can also use MrOwl Social Cloud Storage™ to maintain any type of collection of digital content, whether that is public or a private collection of resources on the sport to use at their disposal on the go with the MrOwl app.

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