The days are getting shorter and colder. Winter is approaching fast. If you haven’t prepared for the winter season, it is time to do so, before the first snow falls.

One important step to reduce the impact of cold temperatures and snow is the installation of heating cables. Whether you want to install them in your own house or you have a business and provide your customers with it. Winter is always a very busy season for HTS Global AG, this is why you should think ahead and order in a timely manner.

HTS Global AG is a swiss manufacturer with offices, representatives and agents around the world. HTS Global AG is well-known for its high-quality brand ThermTrace. Its global presence allows HTS to serve the needs of customers all over the world in various business sectors, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG proudly.

The core business is the development, production and worldwide distribution of electric heat tracing systems. In this sector HTS Global AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of heating tapes, cables and accessories, known for its brand ThermTrace.

Working on a global scale for over 15 years, HTS Global AG has positioned itself with offices in Switzerland and Germany as well as in the UK and the United States.

All of the technically advanced heat tracing solutions fulfill international quality standards for both hazardous and safe areas, says Fabian de Soet. HTS Global AG and its professionally trained partners provide marketing, distribution and customer service for the entire heat tracing product range.

The ThermTrace series of heating tapes includes a complete collection of self-regulating products. Starting with heating cables for very small piping systems with special applications we also provide high-end industrial grade cables for temperatures up to 240 ° C.

In addition to self-regulating cables, HTS Global AG offers constant wattage cables as well as a broad variety of accessories.

ThermTrace products offer solutions for all kinds of temperature ranges and applications.

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