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On October 21-22 2019, ScaleUp 360° Intranet brings together more than 200 experts and decision makers working on the Digital Workplace, Intranet, Collaboration, Knowledge management, UX, IT and Internal Communications.
In 12 webinars over 2 days participants have the chance to learn, engage and discuss tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – right from their desks.

These are our topics at the 2019 ScaleUp 360° Intranet:
– How to set up an intranet that delivers on communication, collaboration, knowledge management and social functionalities?
– Building the connected workforce – How to drive workforce productivity with cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint?
– Mobility is the new normal – How to enable employees to collaborate and to access company information on their mobile devices?
– Engaging a global workforce – What are the right tools to deliver targeted and timely information for individual employee needs?
– Lifting in-house knowledge treasures – How to capture, manage and retain knowledge throughout entire locations and organizations?
– Solving intranet governance – What are tools to moderate and administrate user interactions on various sites and platforms?
– Measuring your intranet”s impact – What are analytics tools for social intranets that provide user insights and performance indicators?
– Chatbots, UX, User Analytics – How AI can add business value to digital workplaces and collaboration platforms
– Using the power of video – How can video content boost internal learning, collaboration and onboarding processes?
– How to integrate a new intranet into a whole company’s digital ecosystem?

Join us when cross-industry decision makers and leading technical professionals present their challenges, experiences and solutions around today”s and tomorrow”s digital workplace.
For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at