Nisha Johari, MD & Co-Founder, JDHL Featured as “Most Influential Business-Woman of the Year 2022”

 The CEO Magazine’s Most Influential Business Women of 2022 is a global celebration of women’s past, present, and future contributions and accomplishments in diverse industries/businesses/corporates & different social development causes.

Mrs. Nisha Johari, MD & Co-founder, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. has been conferred the title of Most Influential Business Women of the Year 2022 for her significant contribution in the healthcare technology space. She along with Mr. Satyendra Johari, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, JDHL heads & manages one of the India’s leading Electronic Medical device manufacturing company, Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. Steering away from the stereotype, she inspires change aimed at improving productivity and performance at workplace. She has consistently played an instrumental role in bringing life to systems and processes across the organization.

The Success Journey
What started as a hearing aid production company in a small garage in 1979 went on to become one of the top companies in India to produce hearing aid. This was followed by the focus to design & develop non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic electronic medical devices. Most of our Electrostimulation-based devices have been successful globally and are still in demand in multiple geographies.

Post successful launch in the therapeutic segment, JDHL came across an opportunity to work with a leading US-based life Science Company to upgrade their Biomolecule Homogenizer Device. In insightful conversation with The CEO Magazine Mrs Nisha said, “It was a relatively new segment and a turning point in our journey. We worked on the industrial design, functionality, software design and other crucial details and delivered a more user-friendly homogenisation device whose appealing aesthetics made it an industry benchmark. To date, it has been 15+ years of business association and five generations of this device built over trust and credibility.’’

In the current scenario with 40+ years of experience & MDSAP, ISO 13485: 2016 and FDA (21 CFR 820) certifications, JDHL is helping global clients create products across diverse categories like Life science, Clinical laboratory, Point-of-Care, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs), Therapeutics, and more. We cater to global clients from a 65,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing facility in India and an R&D Center in Europe & Hyderabad, India. The facility is equipped with advanced capabilities to manufacture complex to high-volume products. To date, JDHL has successfully assisted in commercialising 145+ Medical devices.

Aligning with The Vision of Make In India, Made For The World, JDHL is focused on manufacturing Medical Devices with Zero effect on the environment, Zero defect.

Aligning with the Government’s Vision of Make in India, JDHL has successfully assisted manufacturing & development of Medical Devices for the Global Markets. Post Covid-19, there has been a significant manufacturing shift from China to India. Global MedTech Players have found India as a potential Manufacturing Destination and partnered with Johari for reliable & dependable manufacturing services.

Future prospect
In conversation with The CEO Magazine The MD, JDHL said, “New-age technologies like AI, ML, Robotics and IoT are ruling the landscape. We adapt to fast evolving client requirements efficiently & assist them in manufacturing Medical Devices leveraging these futuristic technologies.”

Mrs Nisha Johari has no plans to stop anytime soon, for she believes age is just a number and shouldn’t hinder fun and learning. She is focused on positively influencing the lives of people with pursuits like meditation programs, music sessions, and creative art sessions. Her mantra is to “keep learning at all stages of life and keep alive the joy of living.” On the professional front, she, along with the team of JDHL, is focused on continually expanding their R&D and manufacturing operations in different locations in India and Overseas to keep up with the huge manufacturing requirements.

To young entrepreneurs, Mrs Nisha Johari’s advice is to follow their passion. She says, “It is imperative first to understand yourself and your true passion for identifying a worthwhile goal as an entrepreneur. This will ensure that your enthusiasm and focus are consistently high: “Do what you love, and eventually, you’ll love what you do!”

Reference: Visit, to read full featured story on Nisha Johari’s successful journey in building Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

Johari Digital is a global MedTech company with 40+ years of expertise in medical device manufacturing. The manufacturing facility is in compliance with MDSAP, ISO 13485:2016 and FDA (21 CFR 820) standards and processes. Their services range from design to development, electronics and mechanical engineering, prototyping, system integration, packaging and supply chain. Additionally, Johari also helps clients with regulatory and compliance support to quickly take their product to market.

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.
Kamal Kumawat
Address: G-582-584, EPIP, Boranada – Rajasthan – 342012, India.



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The Young Musician’s University Launches a Virtual Music School for Students Ages 4-18

 The Young Musician’s University is “Reimagining Music Education” by launching the YMU Campus for students ages 4-18! The owners, husband and wife team Bevis and Tembi Gray, have successfully operated a brick-and-mortar music school since 2003. They have strategically taken the best practices of helping students excel in music education over the past 20 years, and transformed them into an online music education ecosystem where students can learn, explore, create, share and connect as a community of young musicians nationwide.

Since 2019, YMU has been progressively transitioning to reach students all over the country through the development of their new online platform. YMU’s specially designed platform uses powerful integrated software in a collaborative environment for all students.

“We are committed to providing students with a great musical foundation and an experience that will last them a lifetime,” said Mrs. Gray, YMU Director. In addition to offering instruction in piano, voice, guitar, and drums, YMU has expanded its online music program to offer percussion, strings, brass, and woodwind instruments. Through a strategic partnership with Music & Arts, students will be able to rent instruments directly through YMU. This will also include instrument rental repair if needed.

Mr. Gray, YMU Executive Director, said, “One of our goals was to make sure that YMU is both accessible and affordable for families without compromising the quality of our music program. We want students to have the opportunity to experience a high-quality virtual music education program, especially in rural areas where music lessons may not be as easily accessible.”

Mr. Gray then said, “We are talking with schools in several states about bringing YMU to their students as our staff expands to teachers across the nation. We have some very exciting opportunities brewing that will increase our ability to make an impact in the online music education and technology industry. We are so thrilled about YMU’s future, and we are open to strategic partnerships with community organizations and schools that align with our vision and mission of providing high-quality online music education to youth.”

“Online music lessons are a convenient option for homeschooling families as well,” said Mrs. Gray. “We wanted to create an online music program where students not only take music lessons but can explore music in various facets in a virtual collaborative community of like-minded musicians. So whether students explore YMU’s online music library, create music in our online recording studio, participate in a virtual field trip, or improve their musicianship through online music instruction, The Young Musician’s University is a virtual space where students thrive and discover their passion for music!”

The Young Musician’s University
Tembi Gray



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PETALS™ by the CaliGreenGold™ (CGG) Luxury Brand, Expands Its Exciting ZIG-ZAG™ Partnership

 PeakPRroup proudly announce that PETALS™ by the CaliGreenGold™ (CGG) luxury brand, expands its exciting ZIG-ZAG™ Partnership via introduction of new “Original Organic” Products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Wraps.

David JP Danon, CEO and Founder of luxury brand PETALS by CaliGreenGold, (CGG) announces expansion of ZIG-ZAG partnership and the release of new, hand-made, “Original Organic” Products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Petal Wraps.

PETALS, a luxury brand of unique, organic, exotic cones, rolls and wraps is expanding its partnership with rolling paper industry giant, ZIG-ZAG. CGG currently produces a variety of rose petal products for ZIG-ZAG made entirely by hand from Organic Rose Petals. Now, PETALS Exotic Rolling Cones & Wraps, a CaliGreenGold luxury line, is releasing two amazing eco-sustainable handmade “Original Organic” products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Petal Wraps.

PETALS is designed to elevate the smoking experience and has quickly become the go-to brand for an eco-conscious global clientele that is planet-protective and attracted to the therapeutic properties of rose terpenes. PETALS Exotic Rolling Cones & Wraps are fast becoming a celebrity favorite and is establishing itself in the luxury, eco-conscious genre by sourcing the world’s finest roses in Latin America & South America with plans to expand the Petals community to other countries in 2023.

“PETALS has positively changed the world’s perspective of traditional smoking products. We handcrafted a luxurious yet affordable, slow-burning smoking experience that is visually stunning. Featuring organic, planet-friendly farmed Andean flowers; terpene-rich and eco-chic. Our hand-made artisanal process respects the earth and provides a healthy and purely organic, sustainable option for people to enjoy our delightful Smokable Art™. The velvety smooth petals in our rose cones, rolls and wraps taste slightly sweet with the universally therapeutic aroma of exquisite rose.” -David JP Danon, PETALS & CGG CEO/Founder

“PETALS uses the finest roses in the world and each product is a totally unique piece of art. PETALS is sustainably handmade, increases equitable women’s employment opportunities worldwide and supports Fair Trade practice. A PETALS’ elevated smoking experience is second to none and is reminiscent of times when people cherished handmade beauty. Our indigenous techniques brilliantly utilize the natural resources of our planet, providing young women with equitable employment while spreading love and happiness.” -Monika Danon, Chief Petalist

Danon continues to create innovative PETALS products for 2023 as he expands his global, luxury, lifestyle brand into other Original Organic products that powerfully partners planet-friendly local production with artistic, female-centric fair trade.

PETALS vows steadfast commitment to showcasing Nature’s beauty, with eco-sustainability from the first handpicked petal to the final exquisite puff.

About Zig-Zag
Born in Paris in 1879, Zig-Zag Rolling Papers have grown for more than a century to become the most iconic premium rolling paper brand in the world. What began as two French brothers, Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, producing papers in their manufacturing facility in west Paris, has evolved into a global brand filled with culture, creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

About CaliGreenGold
Born in California in 2016, as a couture luxury cannabis brand, CGG is rapidly expanding its OG Cali perspective and eco-lifestyle products into other innovative markets worldwide featuring CBD, D8 and minor cannabinoids; along with a natural assortment of exotic rolling cones, papers and wraps through PETALS.

To purchase PETALS go to IG:@puffroses
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To learn about CaliGreenGold go to IG:@caligreengold

“Original Organic Smokable Art”
Cultivated, Created & Custom-Crafted by King Rose
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Hong Kong – The charging arrangement of private doctors for “Non-eligible Persons” prescribed with COVID-19 oral drugs

The charging arrangement of private doctors for “Non-eligible Persons” prescribed with COVID-19 oral drugs


     A Government spokesperson today (December 31) said that following the adjustments of local anti-epidemic measures announced earlier, the Department of Health (DH) has issued letter to private doctors who have registered under the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS), reminding them that if the two COVID-19 oral drugs obtained from the Government, namely Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, are prescribed to “Non-eligible Persons” (NEP), private doctors are required to collect the drug cost on behalf of the Government.

     The Government has announced earlier that in order to ensure the efficient utilisation of resources and to improve its handling capacities, “Eligible Persons” (EP) who are infected will have the priority to receive medical services and drugs procured by the Government. As private medical institutions can now order the two COVID-19 oral drugs directly from drug manufacturers, non-eligible COVID-19 patients should receive treatment and prescribed relevant drugs from private medical institutions directly. If private hospitals and clinics prescribe the COVID-19 oral drugs allocated by the DH and the Hospital Authority (HA) to the NEP, they are required to collect the drug fee on behalf of the Government in accordance with the established mechanism. The fee for each course of the treatment is over $6,000.

     The Government urges private hospitals and clinics again to provide medical services to patients, in order to alleviate the load on the public healthcare system. At present, 634 private doctors have registered with the eHRSS to obtain the COVID-19 oral drugs allocated by the DH for managing COVID-19 cases. Needy eligible COVID-19 confirmed patients could consult the private doctors and be prescribed with the oral drugs provided by the Government for free.

     The spokesperson emphasised that there is sufficient stock of drugs in the public healthcare system for prescription to COVID-19 patients. The Government will ensure that there are sufficient medical resources for meeting the local needs. The DH and the HA will continue to increase their procurement volumes and streamline the drug distribution arrangement, as well as closely monitor the situation of prescribing the oral drugs to patients via private doctors.

Hong Kong – New isolation arrangements for infected RCH residents and target users of holding centres

New isolation arrangements for infected RCH residents and target users of holding centres


     In light of the adjustment made by the health authorities on the arrangements for infected residents from residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs) and residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) starting from tomorrow (January 1), only COVID-19 residents who have received less than three vaccine doses will be sent to holding centres (HCs) for care. The Social Welfare Department (SWD) announced today (December 31) that all HCs, including the two which are about to commence operation, will admit the above-mentioned residents starting from tomorrow.

     According to relevant arrangements, COVID-19 residents who have received three vaccine doses or above but are asymptomatic or showing mild symptoms will be arranged to stay and receive care in residential care homes (RCHs). Healthcare staff of the Hospital Authority (HA) will provide them with appropriate treatment and support. In this regard, the SWD has sent the infection control principles provided by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health for RCHEs and RCHDs on taking care of COVID-19 residents in RCHs to all RCHs in Hong Kong for their reference.

     As a result of the above-mentioned arrangements, only COVID-19 residents who have received less than three vaccine doses will be transferred to HCs for care. COVID-19 residents with severe symptoms, regardless of the number of vaccine doses they have taken, will be sent to hospital for treatment after being examined by healthcare staff on their symptoms and conditions.

     Accordingly, all HCs, including the two HCs for the elderly which are about to commence operation tomorrow and on January 2 respectively, will, starting from tomorrow, only receive COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or showing mild symptoms but have received less than three vaccine doses. The HA will collaborate with private medical vendors to provide medical support for the HCs. The commencement dates, number of beds and care teams of the two HCs are set out in the table below:

  HCs Commencement dates Number of beds Care teams
1 Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre January 1, 2023 132 New Frontier Group
2 Tsing Yi Southwest Sports Centre January 2, 2023 130 Kato (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited

     The SWD expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the concerned private medical vendors and the care teams for their swift support.

     The SWD will continue to maintain close communications with RCHs, relevant bureaux and departments to address the anti-epidemic needs of the RCHs in order to safeguard the health of residents.