MG Motors – Drive Her Back

Many times women do not get supported when they join back work after taking a long sabbatical. To assist women who will like to restart working, MG Motor India announced ‘Drive Her Back’, a programme that enables experienced and qualified women to return to the workplace with
dignity and pride.

This returnee-ship programme aims to create a diverse pool of highly talented women who can excel in any field. The ones that showcase skills that can cater to the needs of MG Motor India have a favourable chance of recruitment as well.

Under this programme, MG Motor India offers women access to coaching to help them regain corporate vigour and strike a favorable work-life balance. Through the ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, MG Motor has been assisting women who are looking to reclaim their space in the corporate
corridors. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamentals of a successful business and as an organization, MG endeavours to build a culture that supports these two critical aspects.

The ‘Drive Her Back’ program was launched in 2019 and enclosed are the past 2 year summary of Drive Her Back Campaign –
Applications received
· Season 1 DHB : 250-300 Approx.
· Season 2 DHB : 450-500 Approx.
Application who got shortlisted through season 1 & season 2 at MG
· Season 1 DHB : 16
· Season 2 DHB : 26
How many got placed in MG as permanent employees –
· Season 1 DHB : Offered 4 DHBs
· Season 2 DHB : 7 DHBs are offered jobs

Other support provided by MG:
· Provide references to MGI Sourcing Partners
· Recommend them to other companies

Post 2 successful seasons, MG motor India is coming up with the 3rd Season of Driver Her Back.

The applications be sent via:


Mercedes-Benz Ready To Launch Local Assembled EV Cars in India 2022

Electric vehicles are also helpful in reducing pollution. Users are more willing to buy eco-friendly cars in 2022. Mercedes-Benz cars are a game-changer in electric vehicles.

Luxury cars are in demand in India. Many people want to buy new cars this year. They preferred to buy cars with the latest features. Mercedes-Benz is ready to launch new models in 2022. 

These models are all-electric EQS that are assembled in India. Most of the electric cars will launch in the last quarter of this year. Mercedes becomes the first global car brand that assembles all EVs in India.

According to Albert II, electric cars are the future. Car lovers want to buy EV cars.

They come with the “YOU First ” motto in India 2022. The company also comes with other SUV cars in India.

The sources of Mercedes-Benz India also introduced a new C-Class sedan in India shortly. They already launched it internationally last year. This car is available in showrooms in May this year.

Its C-class is a volume model that helps in high growth. Its Maybach-powered V8 will come to the market in March.

It comes with an influential model of the C-Class sedan in 2022. The recent version of this C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will reflect the features of a compact sedan.

The launch of the new Mercedes EQ comes in the segment of electric luxury vehicles. The primary purpose of introducing EV EQS cars is to bring luxury style to the electric sedan section. Its AMG SL has space for four passengers. 

In addition, the company has enhanced its MBUX infotainment system. The EV EQS, C-Class has the latest MBUX 2.0 system. It offers extra processing power and multiple voice control functions. There is also an AR head-up display and other factors in these coming cars.

Buyers get these luxury cars this year with advanced features. It also comes with special offers on-road prices for these cars. 

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Focus is to finish the race, result would follow,” says Scott Sports-supported rider Harith Noah ahead of Dakar 2022

India’s celebrated rider Harith Noah will head to the 2022 Dakar Rally with a far better preparation time under his belt but insists that his primary focus would be finish the race, make every kilometre count and the result would follow.

The 26-year-old, supported by Scott Sports, had become the first rider representing India to register a top-20 finish at the Dakar Rally in what was only his second appearance in the event last year.

“I never looked at the results. So, I don’t know where I finish (in every stage). Every day I have a feeling, as the starting line-up is decided on how you finished in the last stage. For me I want to take it kilometre to kilometre and do the best I can. It’s such a long race and I want to do the best I can and the results will follow,” said Noah while reacting to a question on what were his goals for upcoming race.

Dakar Rally is considered to be one of the most challenging races in motorsports with riders expected to navigate through the desert and sand dunes.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Noah did get enough time to prepare before the 2021 edition but has been putting in the hard yards in Spain and France for the last few months ahead of the 2022 edition that starts on January 2.

He also spent a couple of weeks training in Moroccan desert and had planned to travel to the African country once again this month. But with Morocco closing borders due to coronavirus threat, he chose to train in Spain.

Speaking about what makes competing in the Dakar Rally so special, Noah insisted that unlike circuit races this event is test of a rider’s navigation skills, physical and mental fitness as even the participants can’t really know what to expect during the two-week competition.

“You don’t know what to expect. They give you information about the stages but not much. This year the marathon stage is in the first week. Normally, it’s in the second week. In fact, it is on the second day. That is very surprising.

“At Dakar you are sure to do mistakes. The important thing is how fast you get back on track and how long you think about the mistake. I have tried to work on it, tried to live in the moment. Try not to think far too long,” he said.

Asked about how the experience of the previous two editions helped him prepare for Dakar 2022, the 26-year-old said he has now learnt to stay calm in all situations. “I have also learnt lot of things preparation wise. Obviously when I went to Dakar for the first time, I had no idea. But now I know what food to eat, what kind of lenses, gears to take.”

Noah pointed out that the Scott Addict RC allowed him to work on his power & endurance when he was in India and feels that the Prospect Goggles and lens he has been using would also provide him better protection and visibility while racing.

How Are Electric Scooters Contributing In Making The Environment Quieter?

Walking on the roads nowadays has become very difficult. With so much traffic all around, firstly. You don’t have space to walk. And god-forbid, if you want to talk to someone, maybe over a phone or maybe your walking companion, you’ll have to shout at the top of your voice for that! Noise pollution is becoming more and more problematic. Many people who have anxiety or any other health issues are the ones affected the most by it. But, do we have a solution to that? Well, yes! There is an option. Shifting to an electric scooter is the most viable option that you can get!

Is the Electric revolution the best way out? 

Well, better than living with those never-ending sounds of horns and sirens and yelling people and construction noises. And of course better than breathing in more pollutants than Oxygen! Studies suggest that vehicles are the primary source of noise pollution in India. Vehicular traffic makes around 55 to 60% of the noise pollution felt in urban India. Electric scooters work on batteries and hence do not have heavy moving parts. So, there are no “vrooms” and revs when you start your e-scooter. Their horns are of lower volume than other vehicles too. Also, they have a lower drag coefficient, so they don’t produce much noise at higher speeds. And then, we all know how important a purpose they serve when it comes to saving our environment from further damage. Well, electric vehicles are indeed the future of vehicles.

Are electric scooters beneficial for you as well?

Indeed! they are not only beneficial for the environment but for all those people who are using them as well. Not only are they affordable, but a smooth and hassle-free ride as well. Imagine you don’t have to rely on the costly petrol anymore, just a plug and a power source that’s it! Moreover, even if the battery dies down, the cost of replacing, maintenance, all counted in, is still less than the money you would have to spend on a classic vehicle! 


The automobile industry has seen a tremendous transformation over the years. Electric vehicles are an addition to history. This time, more than our requirement, it is the requirement of this earth. If you want to contribute to this change and search for an e-scooter for yourself, you can start by searching for the top 10 electric motorbikes and would easily get to your destination.

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Milind Soman Launches Electric Cycles by Lifelong Online

n a major boost to sustainability, Milind Soman, actor, producer and fitness enthusiast, launched electric cycles by Lifelong Online, a leading consumer durables brand, in Gurgaon. Combining state-of-the art design with sustainable technology, the Lifelong electric cycles are priced at a very affordable range. Targeted for urban users from metropolitan as well as Tier II & III cities, the cycles are meant to provide a cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to petrol or diesel-guzzling transport. With an estimated 7 paise/Km travel cost and no carbon emissions, these electric cycles are one of the most cost-effective transport modes in the market today.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Bharat Kalia, CEO & Co-Founder, Lifelong Online, said, “Lifelong Online has always been at the forefront of tech innovation to help solve the daily problems faced by Indian consumers. With sustainability emerging as a chief concern, we were focused on delivering a product that can make a tangible difference to their life. The Lifelong electric cycles are the culmination of months of intensive R&D to finetune the design and functionality of the product. Throughout this, our aim was to ensure that our customers benefit from cutting-edge technology in a product that is highly functional and cost-effective. We have taken care to keep our price points extremely affordable.”

Milind Soman congratulated Lifelong Online on its latest launch, saying, “With our cities becoming congested with highly polluting vehicles, it is high time that we look for alternative solutions. As a fitness enthusiast, I look forward to any solution that can help in clearing up our highly polluted cities. Lifelong Online’s electric cycles are not only sustainable; they are also highly affordable, which ensures higher chances of consumer interest. As a leading manufacturer of consumer goods, Lifelong Online is already well known for its high-quality, cutting-edge products. With these cycles they can now make an even deeper and more sustained impact on the quality of our life.”

The electric cycles have a range of up to 25 kms range per charge. With a charge time of 4 hours, these cycles are easy to charge at home with charge time of 4-6 hours. These are available in four riding modes: Full Speed (at 25 Kms/hr), assist mode (upto 90% electric assist), cruise battery power mode and standard pedal mode. With no carbon emissions, these cycles meet the strictest criteria for sustainable commute. The cycles come in alloy frame, anti-skid pedals, and dual discs for stability and control along with Hi-tensile steel frame, and Dual disc brakes and front suspension. With 0% carbon emission makes it the smartest commute choice for you.





About Lifelong Online
Lifelong Online is one of India’s leading direct to consumer brands for consumer durable products. Inspired by consumers, our products are developed keeping our insights of the modern Indian consumer’s lifestyle at the core of the design. As we reimagine everyday living, our products strongly resonate with our consumers, establishing our strong presence across multiple categories, starting from Home & Kitchen, Lifestyle, Fitness, Healthcare, and extending to IoT Devices. At Lifelong Online, we run the complete D2C flywheel, with a technology backbone that secures customer feedback across multiple touchpoints, demonstrating effective marketing and communication campaigns, managing a diverse multi-country factory base across, a pan-India customer service network, and robust capabilities of e-commerce fulfilment at multiple locations across India. This allows us to continuously innovate and improve customer experience and grow into all categories present in our customers’ homes. Our deep integration with Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other modern trade outlets has ensured that Lifelong Online delivers on its promise to be accessible, available, and affordable for all its customers. Lifelong Online was founded by Atul Raheja, Varun Grover, and Bharat Kalia in 2015.

How To Ride An Electric Bike During Monsoon?

Travel is a non-avoidable part of life. Be it for resources, work, or just fun; humans travel every day. Walking to all those places amidst the hectic schedule and traffic is unthinkable. Thus for aid, humans invented various modes of transport.

And through years of innovation and improvement, came the electric bike. An electric bike can be considered a busy man’s best friend. They are light, compact, and safe. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly. There have been various concerns regarding whether one can ride an electric bike during the monsoon.

The answer is Yes. The electric-powered bike can be driven during rain as they are water-resistant. Here are some steps to follow to ride your electric bike in the monsoon.

How To Ride An Electric Bike During Monsoon? 

While electric bikes are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Any prolonged exposure should be avoided. 

Use Fenders  – Fenders can prevent the body of your electric bike from getting dirty with mud. While this isn’t a sure solution for preventing any damage, it sure reduces the chances of body rust by avoiding dirt to get on the electric bike.

Battery Care – Avoid charging the battery during power fluctuations because of thunder or excessive rain. This may permanently damage the battery. While the battery is safely sealed inside the electric bike body, it is important not to drive through puddles and potholes filled with water. 

Wash your Electric Bike – While it is normal to take electric bikes out in the rain, it is important to clean the body dry after. Leaving rainwater and mud unattended on the bike can cause rust. It is essential to wash your electric bike once and then clean it properly to avoid damaging the body or the battery. 

Though electric bikes are efficient when it comes to driving in all weathers, one should avoid riding electric bikes in excessive rain. Not only is the battery at risk, but it can also be bad for the body of the bike.


More and more people are willing to buy electric scooters to help build a cleaner and greener environment. Even the government is promoting the sale and use of electric scooters. Due to their low maintenance, no carbon footprint and efficient performance electric scooters will in the coming years be in extreme demand. For example, electric vehicles like GT  Smart Scooters are more and more in demand.

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