In the Driver’s Seat: A Roadmap to Building Your Go-Karting Career in India

By Prasuk Jain, Managing Director, Snow World Entertainment- Formula 11 Karting 

In the tapestry of India’s ever-evolving sporting landscape, a compelling narrative unfolds—one characterized by a remarkable surge in the popularity of go-karting, a phenomenon that has etched its presence in the annals of Indian motorsports. This transformation isn’t merely a ripple in the sporting currents; it’s a seismic shift that has captured the nation’s collective imagination. Over the recent years, go-karting has transcended its status as a mere recreational activity, ascending to the status of a dynamic platform—one that holds the promise of launching young, aspiring drivers into the exhilarating world of motorsports. It is, without a doubt, a sporting odyssey that ignites dreams and propels them into action. This journey begins here, as we delve into the comprehensive guide that unfolds before you, offering a treasure trove of insights and guidance for those with ambitions to forge a career in go-karting in the vibrant and burgeoning landscape of India.

Accessible Entry Point 

For individuals who want to get into racing, go-karting is the ideal entrance point. For newcomers to enjoy the thrill of racing, the sport provides a safe and controlled environment. Aspiring racers can acquire and refine crucial racing abilities, such as speed management, cornering methods, and strategic decision-making, using lightweight vehicles and constrained tracks. Early exposure to racing not only sparks an interest in the sport but also paves the way for future champions.

Professional Training and Development 

In India, top-notch go-karting schools and training programs have been established, giving prospective racers access to qualified instruction, supportive mentors, and state-of-the-art equipment. These schools place a strong emphasis on the development of the whole person, which includes not just safe driving but also physical fitness, mental toughness, and sportsmanship. Go-karting is developing talent and giving young drivers the tools they need to succeed in the extremely competitive world of motorsports through committed training initiatives.

Stepping Stone to Success 

Go-karting has been instrumental in the development of several successful Indian racers who have made their mark in national and international motorsport contests. Go-karting experience and talents provide a firm basis for prospective racers, giving access to national and worldwide racing events such as the famed Formula 1. Regular racing championships and tournaments for both amateurs and pros promote healthy competition and provide a stage for rising talent to shine.

Inspiring the Next Generation 

The influence of the go-karting craze stretches well beyond the race track. Young enthusiasts are inspired and encouraged to dream big as they watch the growth of Indian racing heroes and experience the excitement of go-karting for themselves. The sport inspires future generations by fostering virtues like determination, discipline, and perseverance. The growing presence of Indian racers on the global scene adds to these hopes, illustrating that with passion, talent, and unflinching determination, dreams may truly become a reality.

To summarize, go-karting in India is more than simply a form of amusement; it is a tremendous force that sparks dreams and develops the potential of future racing champions. Go-karting is altering the Indian racing landscape and enabling the aspirations of young motorsport enthusiasts by providing accessible entry points, supporting talent development, and developing a dynamic motorsport community. The Indian racing scene is primed for even greater success as more aspiring racers take to the tracks, and the dreams of future racing champions are being set in motion, one exhilarating lap at a time.

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow – Your Path to Confident and Safe Driving

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow is proud to announce its commitment to helping learners become confident and safe drivers. This well-experienced driving school has established itself as a trusted choice for those seeking the best driving lessons and the most exceptional intensive training course Glasgow has to offer.

At Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow, they recognise the transformative nature of learning to drive and take immense pride in contributing to their students’ success stories. With a team of highly dedicated and fully qualified and the most experienced driving instructors Glasgow has to offer, they provide a reliable and steadfast choice for learners at every stage of their journey.

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow has a clear mission: to put you at ease behind the wheel and help you become a confident driver. Here is why you should consider them for your driving education:

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow has a proven history of successful students. Their track record is available for review on their website, showcasing numerous individuals who have achieved their driving goals with their expert guidance.

Their team of fully qualified instructors boasts years of experience. They are not just instructors but mentors who understand the challenges learners face and are dedicated to providing the support needed to overcome them.

Beyond teaching you the mechanics of driving, Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow places a strong emphasis on building your confidence and safety skills. Their goal is not just to help you pass your test but to ensure you become a responsible and secure driver.

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow is based in Glasgow, with a primary focus on the South Side and West End areas. For learners situated farther from the local driving test centre, the school offers the convenience of pick-up services, making it accessible for a wider range of students. They cover various areas in Glasgow.

Intensive driving courses are known for their immersive and efficient approach to learning. These courses typically involve four hours of driving per day, allowing learners to build their skills quickly. Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow understands the importance of convenience, and they strive to accommodate learners’ schedules. Lessons are usually scheduled in the mornings or early afternoons, although the school is open to working around your availability.

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow recognises that every learner is unique and progresses at their own pace. They start your course in a quiet location, allowing you to become familiar with the car and basic driving skills. As your confidence grows, they gradually introduce more challenging skills such as roundabouts, crossroads, and dual carriageways. This gradual approach ensures that you gain a solid foundation before advancing to more complex driving scenarios.

About Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow:

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow is a well-experienced driving school based in Glasgow, UK. The driving school has a proven track record of helping learners become confident and safe drivers. Their team of fully qualified instructors is passionate about providing top-quality driving lessons and intensive training courses.

EV Market In India Likely To Be A USD206 Billion Opportunity By 2030

Dr. Priyank Dahanukar

Retailing of Electric Vehicles is emerging as one of the lucrative business opportunity in India and the industry estimated that in next 8-10 years the retail business itself will be a USD206 billion opportunity. The EV manufacturers, retailer, policy makers and end users converged at one of the largest electric vehicle show which was kicked off in Mumbai at Bombay Exhibition Center in Nesco.

First of its kind, the expo is beyond exhibition to a cult platform to discuss the challenges, road map to take the EV revolution to next level especially connecting the manufacturers and the end users. The expo brought together the most influential minds in the sector to share their knowledge and achievements, discuss the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable future, and demonstrate to attendees how their companies can expedite the switch to a cleaner, less polluting mode of transportation.

“As EVs scale grows, it will find its way into the pre-owned market, utilities, government agencies, and will only bring new opportunities for key stakeholders therefore it is important to amp up awareness to increase EV adoption across the board” commented by Ritu Marya, Editor in Chief- Entrepreneur India APAC.

The expo displayed the latest and technologically advanced pollution free 2 & 3 wheeled E-vehicles, parts and accessories, charging solution, technology from around 100 plus exhibitors. Over 50 thought leaders, innovators, investors, disruptors, and EV experts convened for over 10 sessions over the course of two days to discuss topics crucial to the sector.

“It is our 50th anniversary year for LML- our unique innovations in star bikes based on convenience solutions . EV community will be bigger if we can shift the consumer from  want to need . We will be offline – online seller for LML through franchise dealership” said by Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, MD & CEO, LML Electric on the sidelines of India EV Confex organised by Franchise India.

The two-day mega event featuring the India EV Show- Conference engaged the energy sector on subjects like new technologies that can impact energy efficiency, carbon reduction strategies, cities of the future, advancing infrastructure for electric vehicles, renewable energy resources for charging electric vehicles, and financing strategies for organisations paving the way to a less polluting mode of transportation through large exhibits, keynote speeches, and hands-on workshops.

Prominent speakers included Randheer S, Director, Electric Mobility, NitiAyog, Pankaj Sharma, Co-Founder, Log9 Materials , Ankit Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, I-Electrik, IrfanKawoosa, Verticle lead, Investors & Franchise Relations, Statiq and P Shivasubramanian, MD, FenFeo Automation among others.

The Indian government is making significant efforts to grow the market for electric vehicles. India’s main national EV policy is the FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) scheme. It includes measures to encourage domestic EV manufacturing and allots USD 1.4 billion over three years beginning in 2019 for 1.6 million hybrid and electric vehicles, including two- and three-wheelers, buses, and cars. FAME I is one of many encouraging efforts the Indian government has made to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Some of the most important levers that policy makers in India need to use are mandated adoption targets, localization of essential components, clear guidance on rules and standards, and EV adoption in public transportation.

FROEXPO 2022 showcased Bestest Franchise Business Opportunities & Brightest Minds


Prof. Kapil Rampal

The 126th Edition of FROEXPO 2022, India’s premier and most trusted business and trade show & conference was hosted by Franchise India from 2nd – 3rd Dec 2022 at Hall No- 04, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, and Mumbai.

FROEXPO 2022, Mumbai attracted over 10,000+ business buyers and 250+ Exhibiting brands. The two-day show presented by Franchise India, Asia’s largest integrated Franchise solutions company, showcased a number of ventures that would appeal to a budding entrepreneur and cater to all types of audiences and investors. It also encompassed several initiatives apart from the trade show and the expo within the event that helped in making an informed decision about business undertakings.

In India, the franchising industry witnessed a growth of 30-35 per cent over the last five years in franchising. It is estimated that the global turnover is around RS 938 billion. The franchising sector contributes around 1.8 per cent to the Indian GDP and is predicted to contribute nearly 4 per cent by 2022.

“The best approach to run your own business but not by yourself is through franchising. FRO-Expo provided an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to learn first-hand about running a business by bringing entrepreneurs and companies together.” said Ritu Marya, Editor in Chief, Franchise India Media.

“India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and there is a lot of potential in the franchise business. With an exponentially growing young population, the franchise space in India will continue to witness a rise in the coming years. The expansion and escalation of these franchise businesses will also offer avenues to other people by creating multiple job opportunities across many sectors.” Emphasised  Ritu Marya.

The Fro-Expo also featured STARTUP Summit 2022 that covered all aspects of a start-up and of achieving business growth and excellence. There were outstanding discussions from over 100+ business leaders and international experts. The conference brought together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Businesses as they recount their learning and experiences, share their insights and practices that have enriched their ventures.

The Startup Summit witnessed brightest minds from the industry, the panellists in the first session discussed about the Omnichannel Way forward for a Brand which was all about New shoppers. New Rules – Retail Megatrends in the new normal connected commerce.

Hameed Khan, Head – Strategy, Brand Alliances & General Merchandise – Reliance Premium Grocery Retail elucidates, “Omnichannel is about seamless experience across all channels. Be selective about channels in your business because you don’t want to make for the flirtatious customer overwhelming.”

Talking about the experience, Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef Home Appliances said, “Understanding the consumer is every marketer’s  dream but it is hard to keep track of what , why and how customer is buying . Digital is only way to know about the customer.  33 percent of our customer is from digital.”

The Expo also featured the Franchise Start-up Awards by acknowledging remarkable organizations that have demonstrated success via franchising.  One of the key highlight of the event was India EV Confex &Awards. It brought together the industry’s most influential minds who shared their insights and successes, discussed the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future, and showed attendees how their organization can help accelerate the transition to a cleaner, less polluting form of transport.

The show witnessed a comprehensive exhibition on franchising, retailing and licensing. The FROEXPO 2022 in Mumbai puts forth a wide spectrum of opportunities in franchising, retailing, licensing, real estate and retailing supply chain, from diverse industry verticals.

The spectacular evening at the FROExpo 2022 also witnessed Unveiling Of the “Top 100 Franchise Leaders” Issue of The Franchising World Magazine. This is an annual industry and peers recognition handbook honouring, Managing Directors, Founders, Owners, CEOs, Business Development Executives & Management Leaders Franchise Leaders from across the country. The event witnessed full-house attendance from the who’s who of the franchise & retail industry. Eminent industry leaders like Pushkaraj Shenai, CEO, Lakme Lever, Mohit Khattar, CEO, Baskin Robbins, S R Nagle, Head, GCMMF, Mumbai and a few others were seen at the extravagant show.

MG Motors – Drive Her Back

Many times women do not get supported when they join back work after taking a long sabbatical. To assist women who will like to restart working, MG Motor India announced ‘Drive Her Back’, a programme that enables experienced and qualified women to return to the workplace with
dignity and pride.

This returnee-ship programme aims to create a diverse pool of highly talented women who can excel in any field. The ones that showcase skills that can cater to the needs of MG Motor India have a favourable chance of recruitment as well.

Under this programme, MG Motor India offers women access to coaching to help them regain corporate vigour and strike a favorable work-life balance. Through the ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, MG Motor has been assisting women who are looking to reclaim their space in the corporate
corridors. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamentals of a successful business and as an organization, MG endeavours to build a culture that supports these two critical aspects.

The ‘Drive Her Back’ program was launched in 2019 and enclosed are the past 2 year summary of Drive Her Back Campaign –
Applications received
· Season 1 DHB : 250-300 Approx.
· Season 2 DHB : 450-500 Approx.
Application who got shortlisted through season 1 & season 2 at MG
· Season 1 DHB : 16
· Season 2 DHB : 26
How many got placed in MG as permanent employees –
· Season 1 DHB : Offered 4 DHBs
· Season 2 DHB : 7 DHBs are offered jobs

Other support provided by MG:
· Provide references to MGI Sourcing Partners
· Recommend them to other companies

Post 2 successful seasons, MG motor India is coming up with the 3rd Season of Driver Her Back.

The applications be sent via:


Mercedes-Benz Ready To Launch Local Assembled EV Cars in India 2022

Electric vehicles are also helpful in reducing pollution. Users are more willing to buy eco-friendly cars in 2022. Mercedes-Benz cars are a game-changer in electric vehicles.

Luxury cars are in demand in India. Many people want to buy new cars this year. They preferred to buy cars with the latest features. Mercedes-Benz is ready to launch new models in 2022. 

These models are all-electric EQS that are assembled in India. Most of the electric cars will launch in the last quarter of this year. Mercedes becomes the first global car brand that assembles all EVs in India.

According to Albert II, electric cars are the future. Car lovers want to buy EV cars.

They come with the “YOU First ” motto in India 2022. The company also comes with other SUV cars in India.

The sources of Mercedes-Benz India also introduced a new C-Class sedan in India shortly. They already launched it internationally last year. This car is available in showrooms in May this year.

Its C-class is a volume model that helps in high growth. Its Maybach-powered V8 will come to the market in March.

It comes with an influential model of the C-Class sedan in 2022. The recent version of this C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will reflect the features of a compact sedan.

The launch of the new Mercedes EQ comes in the segment of electric luxury vehicles. The primary purpose of introducing EV EQS cars is to bring luxury style to the electric sedan section. Its AMG SL has space for four passengers. 

In addition, the company has enhanced its MBUX infotainment system. The EV EQS, C-Class has the latest MBUX 2.0 system. It offers extra processing power and multiple voice control functions. There is also an AR head-up display and other factors in these coming cars.

Buyers get these luxury cars this year with advanced features. It also comes with special offers on-road prices for these cars. 

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