The idea of buying a brand new tractor doesn’t exactly make the word “savings” pop-up in your mind, does it? And why would it? After all, investing in a tractor means spending a lot of money hoping that whatever it is that you are getting out of your tractor makes it worth the investment, i.e., gives you a good ROI (Return on Investment) in order to justify making such a purchase, maybe even justify making such a purchase in the future. However, again, savings is not even close to being in consideration when it comes to buying, or investing depending on how you look at these things, in a tractor. Then why bring it up? What’s new that warrants talking about saving on a brand new tractor in the first place? Well, in order to understand that, let’s first break down what makes any product, not only tractors, be the price that they are:


Fuel Prices

Maybe the most obvious, and also the most out of anyone’s control, the fuel prices pretty much dictate the price of any commodity you can imagine under the sun which can be sold for money. Be it something as small as a new toy for a 5-year old, or something that’s much more relevant in our case, any new tractor model, the oil price dictates it all. Since everything else we’re going to be talking about in the following pointers, it is only fair to get it out of the way that all of these things use some form of fuel and thus drive up or crop the costs accordingly, no pun intended.

Manufacturing Costs

The very first step where tractor manufacturers can actually cut costs, is in the process of manufacturing itself. Removing unnecessary steps or time taken, i.e., working more efficiently and effectively, is a huge contributor in making sure that the costs of manufacturing almost any type of product remain as low as humanly possible.


Short trips, less stops, choosing CNG vehicles over petrol or diesel ones, all of these factors, including the initial investment made by the tractor manufacturer on transportation itself, all of these little cogs come together to determine the price of the final tractor one is going to purchase. And more often than not, transportation is one of the biggest factors which drive up the cost of any product, especially if the manufacturer has only specialised manufacturing and thus, extremely limited delivery routes.


This is the big one. Storing the products, in our case brand new tractors, does cost a lot for infrastructure, and this doesn’t only mean the brick and mortar building. Everything from electricity to water bills, all of it adds to the overall costs going up.


POS (Point of Sale)

Finally, it’s about the Point of Sale, i.e., the exact place where the end-user or the consumer is going to make the purchase. In case of tractors, it’s the large, elaborate tractor showrooms. Again, incurring all kinds of expenses including general maintenance, electricity, water bills etc. this is perhaps the biggest cost driver, especially when it comes to as necessary a commodity like a tractor.


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