Many times women do not get supported when they join back work after taking a long sabbatical. To assist women who will like to restart working, MG Motor India announced ‘Drive Her Back’, a programme that enables experienced and qualified women to return to the workplace with
dignity and pride.

This returnee-ship programme aims to create a diverse pool of highly talented women who can excel in any field. The ones that showcase skills that can cater to the needs of MG Motor India have a favourable chance of recruitment as well.

Under this programme, MG Motor India offers women access to coaching to help them regain corporate vigour and strike a favorable work-life balance. Through the ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, MG Motor has been assisting women who are looking to reclaim their space in the corporate
corridors. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamentals of a successful business and as an organization, MG endeavours to build a culture that supports these two critical aspects.

The ‘Drive Her Back’ program was launched in 2019 and enclosed are the past 2 year summary of Drive Her Back Campaign –
Applications received
· Season 1 DHB : 250-300 Approx.
· Season 2 DHB : 450-500 Approx.
Application who got shortlisted through season 1 & season 2 at MG
· Season 1 DHB : 16
· Season 2 DHB : 26
How many got placed in MG as permanent employees –
· Season 1 DHB : Offered 4 DHBs
· Season 2 DHB : 7 DHBs are offered jobs

Other support provided by MG:
· Provide references to MGI Sourcing Partners
· Recommend them to other companies

Post 2 successful seasons, MG motor India is coming up with the 3rd Season of Driver Her Back.

The applications be sent via: