Stitched Up Heart, an American rock band formed in 2010 by singer Alecia “Mixi” Demner, has created their first Haptagram going live today. The band’s first Haptagram is of Mixi’s actual heartbeat.

So, what is a Haptagram?

A Haptagram is an entirely new type of digital content that fuses together, for the first time, the power of human touch with sight, and sound to give fans, followers, and friends a much more engaging, immersive, and profound experience on late-model smartphones. Virtually all media experienced today is passive and lifeless, limited to two of the five human senses: sight and sound. Haptagram introduces touch – the foundation of perceptual experience – to our ever-expanding world of content.

The arrival of Haptagram is the next major evolution of content. Twitter defines mass messaging, TikTok defines short-form video-sharing, Instagram defines sharing photos and videos, and Cameo defines the platform to deliver personal videos from celebrities. The next evolution is “touchable moments” as defined by Haptagram, to fuel the sharing of creative play and new expressive possibilities.

Haptagrams can be experienced by downloading the app at the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

Said Randy Mathias, Stitched Up Heart bassist for seven years, “Haptagrams are amazing. It is a new content platform that will translate into a new world of NFTs. I see a lot of NFTs that are just visual – the fact that you can see, hear and feel a Haptagram sets it aside. I think our Haptagram is amazing because we captured Mixi’s actual heartbeat. Anyone with the Haptagram app can touch part of the screen and hear and feel the crowd as well. I love giving the fans the option of feeling rather than just hearing and visualizing art.”

According to Steven Domenikos, founder, and CEO of Haptagram, “Nearly two billion images are uploaded every day and all of them are being consumed through a passive experience of touching lifeless, cold glass, feeling nothing. We are bringing the most powerful of human senses: touch, to digital media in a way that can be easily created and experienced with today’s smartphones by everyday users, and by doing so, we are completely changing the way the world engages with content.”

The technology of touch has been around for decades, used first in niche applications such as early warning systems for airplane pilots to medical training devices for people practicing surgery before they try it on humans. As the technology has become more sophisticated, it has begun to find uses in computer and phone touchscreens to emulate the feeling of UI controls such as buttons and dials. However, the only mainstream consumer application of tactile experience is still prerecorded, low-fidelity effects in video games.

Concluded Domenikos, “Randy, Mixi, and the entire band have always been trailblazers in art and tech. They understand the limitations of combining just sight and sound on a phone and are now among the first in the world to connect their fans to touch. This is only the beginning of what we will create with them.”

A video of Haptagram can be seen at

About Haptagram

Founded in 2021, Haptagram Inc. (Haptagram™) is the world’s first creator platform with realistic, touch-enabled content, called Haptagrams. Until Haptagram, digital media experiences were two-dimensional, limited to only sight and sound. With Haptagram, stories come alive by making it possible to touch and feel what you see on a smartphone screen to awaken the senses – and by doing so – make digital more human. To experience touchable moments, go to and download the Haptagram App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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