Travel is a non-avoidable part of life. Be it for resources, work, or just fun; humans travel every day. Walking to all those places amidst the hectic schedule and traffic is unthinkable. Thus for aid, humans invented various modes of transport.

And through years of innovation and improvement, came the electric bike. An electric bike can be considered a busy man’s best friend. They are light, compact, and safe. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly. There have been various concerns regarding whether one can ride an electric bike during the monsoon.

The answer is Yes. The electric-powered bike can be driven during rain as they are water-resistant. Here are some steps to follow to ride your electric bike in the monsoon.

How To Ride An Electric Bike During Monsoon? 

While electric bikes are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Any prolonged exposure should be avoided. 

Use Fenders  – Fenders can prevent the body of your electric bike from getting dirty with mud. While this isn’t a sure solution for preventing any damage, it sure reduces the chances of body rust by avoiding dirt to get on the electric bike.

Battery Care – Avoid charging the battery during power fluctuations because of thunder or excessive rain. This may permanently damage the battery. While the battery is safely sealed inside the electric bike body, it is important not to drive through puddles and potholes filled with water. 

Wash your Electric Bike – While it is normal to take electric bikes out in the rain, it is important to clean the body dry after. Leaving rainwater and mud unattended on the bike can cause rust. It is essential to wash your electric bike once and then clean it properly to avoid damaging the body or the battery. 

Though electric bikes are efficient when it comes to driving in all weathers, one should avoid riding electric bikes in excessive rain. Not only is the battery at risk, but it can also be bad for the body of the bike.


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