Do you know that there are about 80,000 Indian restaurants in the US itself? Well, very few can reach the level of authenticity the EggHolic outlets have achieved. Established about 5 years ago in Dublin, today this brand has eateries in Chicago, Schaumburg, and now Louisville.

The reason behind their phenomenal rise in such a short time is their determination to serve platters that have genuine Indian tang. Moreover, the chefs use farm-fresh ingredients, and take care of individual flavor preferences, making the whole experience memorably inclusive.

Their menu covers platters made of eggs, paneer, and chicken. Additionally, they offer take-out, delivery, and dine-in services. You can actually feel the Indian vibe after entering any of their outlets. They have built lovely interiors by combining Bollywood quips with the names of their dishes. The ambiance is lively and the staff ensures that they serve with the utmost affection.

> The Menu Of EggHolic, An Incredible Indian Restaurant

When we say Indian food, everyone expects spice and piquant seasonings, but the EggHolic has curated a menu that has both hot flavors and subtle palates. Let us start with the appetizers and make our way into the egg dishes, and then move to veg as well as non-veg platters.

In addition to the appetizers, they also serve Green Boiled Fry, Cheese Katori, French Toast, and Masala Papad. While the Green Boiled Fry may feel a little pungent, the Cheese Katori balances it out with scrumptious delight! Thus, while an Indian enjoys the first, the second is an ideal dish for an American. This inclusiveness is what makes EggHolic an exquisite eatery!

Moving on to the Holic specials, these are the egg-based meals straight for Gujarat, India. The egg culture in this region is quite prominent, and the owners have got its essence to the US.

It contains famous platters like Lapeti, Lachko, Surti Gotalo, Boil Tikka, Egg Bhaji, Floating Omelette, Rassa Bhurji, and Goti Fry. This section is followed by delectable curries like Egg Curry, Red Fry Curry, Green Egg Curry, and Toofani Curry.

The menu also has an egg-based ‘straight from street’ section which is comprised of yummy quick-bites like Desi Omelette, Masala Half/Full Fry, Egg Bhurji, and Boiled Kheemo. One can go for sandwiches like Anda Masala and Chatpata Anda as well. Furthermore, there are rice-based options Bhurji Pulav, Anda Pulav, Green Egg Rice, and Lava Pulav.

– All these Indian egg dishes made the foundation on which the success of EggHolic began.

The story behind bringing all of them to America is quite simple and adorable. A few men missed the weekends they use to relish in the streets of India so much, that they brought that experience to the new-world country. They wanted to share their happiness with everyone here.

Continuing with the menu, it incorporates mouthwatering Indian delicacies like Paneer Bhurji, Paneer Gotala, Paneer Lajavab, Veg Pulav, Lava Paneer Pulav, Chicken Kabob with Rice, Chicken Tangri with Rice, Chicken Pulav, Chicken Kadai, Malvani Chicken, and more.

The EggHolic also serves tasty Indian street food and Bombay grill sandwiches. It includes yum Samosa Chaat, Bhel, Pani-Puri, Dahi-Puri, and more. The savory sandwiches are Amdavadi Touch, Paneer Toofani, Chicken Masala, Chatpata Chicken, Chocolate Cheese, and more.

Lastly, the menu offers wraps like Paneer Tikka Wrap, Egg Wrap, Egg Chicken Wrap, Chatpata Chicken Wrap, and Chicken Masala Wrap. The beverages section has luscious drinks like Masala Chhaas, Mango Lassi, Sweet Lassi, Rajwadi Lassi, Mango Mastani, and more.

> Indian Catering Service Offered By The EggHolic

EggHolic, the Indian restaurant provides affordable catering services for all kinds of events. One can go through their packages on the official website. The owners have curated them after considering many factors and thus the result is optimal. Each package serves a purpose and there are options that include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters. They begin from as low as $20/Tray and go up to $50/Tray. Make your event exotically awesome!

> Indian Restaurant Franchisee Option For The Entrepreneurs

Yes, the EggHolic offers new businessmen interested in opening an Indian food-based venture, a chance to partner with them. It allows the entrepreneurs to capitalize on the growing subcontinental market in the US. One can directly get in contact with them via the website.

Do not hesitate to get in their fold, as the business of EggHolic is booming exponentially. The craft of their chefs along with your trade acumen can lead you to unimaginable heights!

> Conclusion

To wrap it up, if you live anywhere near Louisville, KY, do not miss out on the time of your life! The EggHolic is one of the best Indian restaurants for a reason and you must explore the why in person. Get together with friends-family, and go on a quest to experience exotic bliss. Their food and ambiance will leave you awestruck. Have a belly full of happiness today.